Walsh Whiskey Distillery, one of Ireland’s leading whiskey companies, has appointed Lisa Ryan as Distillery Manager.

Ryan, who is from Carlow, was previously with Waterford Distillery. She succeeds Aidan Finnegan who has relocated to Scotland.

Still photography: Lisa Ryan takes over as Distillery Manager at Walsh Whiskey

Walsh Whiskey Distillery produces The Irishman and Writers’ Tears premium Irish whiskeys, which are available in over 40 countries worldwide.

The distillery was officially opened last year and is one of Ireland’s largest distilleries with the capacity to produce eight million bottles of whiskey annually. It features both pot stills and column stills whiskey distilling systems, and, is manually operated to allow for greater innovation in the distillation process, according to the company.

Walsh Whiskey Distillery is built on the Royal Oak estate, which dates back to 1755. It is specially designed for visitors interested in experiencing whiskey distillation and several daily tours are available throughout the summer.

Cheers: Lisa Ryan celebrates her new appointment with Walsh Whiskey Distillery Founder and Managing Director Bernard Walsh