SOUTH KOREA. Lotte Duty Free’s summer campaign, called Let’s Do something Fun, will kick off tomorrow (2 July).

Lotte has collaborated with a number of South Korean icons, including actor Ji Chang-wook, boy band Stray Kids and girl group ITZY, to produce weekly fun videos for the promotion. The videos will be produced in Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese and be available across several social media platforms, including the retailer’s new YouTube channel, in order to bring the duty free retailer to a global audience.

Several South Korean cultural icons are a part of the campaign

Let’s Do something Fun is tied to the ongoing Yum campaign, which draws from the Korean symbol for the English word ‘Yum’ (냠) and applies it to the ‘LDF’ acronym for the retailer. This new campaign expands on the Yum promotion by taking the initials and applying them to the phrase ‘Let’s Do something Fun’ in English or ‘Le Duo Fu’ in Chinese.

Further promotions will see 60 domestic and overseas influencers announce the campaign to their followers.

Fun time: The promotion plays on the initials of Lotte Duty Free

Lotte Duty Free Marketing Director Kim Jeong-hyeon said: “Lotte Duty Free will carry out a variety of customer events, including family concerts and pool parties, as well as online events through Yum campaign videos.”