Zamora Company is introducing a liqueur in global travel retail based on the company’s popular Licor 43.

Licor 43 Baristo is a fusion of Licor 43 Original and contains 43 natural ingredients, including a speciality Arabica Typica varietal coffee from the Canary Islands.

Full of beans: Licor 43 Baristo celebrates coffee culture and aims to deliver a new drinking experience

The Spanish wine and spirits producer said the liqueur added new flavours but conserved the “characteristic soul” of Licor 43.

Licor 43 Baristo’s packaging pays tribute to the world of coffee, with the bottle reflecting the drink’s dark colours. A black coating has been added to the base, which fuses into transparent glass to showcase the dark golden colour of the liquid.

The liqueur’s name pays tribute to the barista profession. The design of the label, based on the 43 logo, was inspired by the art deco style decoration seen in many cafés at the beginning of the twentieth century, Zamora said.

“This is the second sub-brand in Licor 43’s history, after the successful launch in 2016 of Licor 43 Orochata,” commented Zamora Company International Managing Director Thomas Clamens.

“Licor 43 Baristo responds to consumer demand for natural and complex liquids and the booming coffee trend. The liquid is like no other, offering consumers a completely different drink experience, the best of Licor 43 and the rare and special Canary Island coffee.”

Besides travel retail, Licor 43 Baristo will be available in selected retail stores in the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Austria, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Distribution will be expanded throughout 2019 to other markets.

A 700ml bottle of Licor 43 Baristo retails at €17.90. It has an ABV of 31%.