NORTH AMERICA. OTG is celebrating its 25th year in the airport hospitality business. The company began in 1996 with a handful of locations at Philadelphia International Airport. Today it operates across more than 350 locations across North America.

OTG has been a pioneer in travel dining and hospitality, introducing chef-driven restaurants featuring tech and design advances for the airport environment.

In 2007, OTG introduced its flo tablet technology at both restaurants and gate lounges, a digital-first approach to the guest experience.

Other innovation in partnership with airports and airlines has included activating travellers’ ability to use airline miles to pay for food or drink at the terminal, transforming gate hold areas into full-service tech-enhanced gate lounges, and designing restaurant concepts that adapt shape and offering as the day progresses.

OTG said it will continue furthering “a more mobile-friendly and contact-free airport experience”. With its recently struck relationships with Amazon and Starbucks, OTG said it is “doubling down on reducing touchpoints and giving travellers their time back”.

OTG CEO Rick Blatstein said: “I’m incredibly proud of just how far this team has come these past 25 years. I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with such an amazing group of people that are hungry, not afraid to push the boundaries of what’s possible. We’re excited to continue learning from our guests and continue providing them the OTG experience. We’re really just getting started.”

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