Welcome to our final eZine of the year – and of the decade.

With the 2010s behind us, are we headed into a new ‘roaring 20s’ era, a century on from a frenetic decade that carried that name due to the mood of mass consumerism, economic buoyancy and technological innovation that prevailed?

In our last eZine of the decade, we look forward and back, including a compelling review of the key events, images, videos and industry developments of the year. In a neat cameo we compare the usage level of some of travel retail’s modern-day buzzwords across 2009 and 2019. A single graphic shows a fascinating shift in industry language – and priorities – over a decade.

Our look forward is anchored by Philip Morris International SVP Global Communications Marian Salzman’s acutely insightful ‘20 consumer, political and lifestyle trends for 2020’. Marian has an impressive track record at this sort of thing. It was she who predicted the rise of ‘metrosexuality’ and declared that “sleep is the new sex” (sounds worrying for a website that never sleeps) and we are particularly drawn to her observation that the craving for person-to-person interaction has never been higher. With digitally connected lives (through WeChat, Skype, WhatsApp), we no longer experience human contact like we used to, Marian notes. “And we miss it.”

Look out also for Martin Moodie’s Publisher’s take on the new decade and why he thinks that human factors will be every bit as important as digital influences in the 2020s.

Each year since our founding in 2002 The Moodie Davitt Report has recognised those individuals who by their deeds, attitudes and behaviour have most advanced our industry’s cause and reputation.

Once again our 2019 People of the Year selection features a diverse line-up of outstanding men and women nominated for a wide range of contributions, from business achievements to innovation to charitable endeavours. Check out our selection via the link below.

Also in this issue:

•    The power of personalisation features strongly in our regular look at the industry’s best new launches, activations and openings, while we also visit Shannon Airport for a brilliant young entrepreneur competition.

•    Martin Moodie’s Blogs of the Year

•    Front Line: Good customer service is about helping customers from the heart and understanding what they really want to buy, says Dubai Duty Free’s Dorothy Tonsan.

•    Duty Calls: For the last five years, Wolford has been developing one of the textile industry’s most sustainable products to date – its Cradle to Cradle Collection.

•    Airports as Artports: A new exhibition at Pulkovo St. Petersburg Airport, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, features historic photos and posters.

•    Sense of Place: A global brand with local execution. That’s the highly successful formula Mondelez World Travel Retail is using to propel travel retail’s leading chocolate brand – Toblerone – to new heights.

•    Stock Watch: In our last column of 2019, we reveal the best and worst performers of the year among the travel retail-related companies we track.

We hope you enjoy this final eZine of the year and of the 2010s. Thank you for your readership and support throughout the decade. See you in 2020s.

Martin Moodie and Dermot Davitt
Chairman and President
The Moodie Davitt Report