PANAMA. Foreign exchange company Travelex is sponsoring the 32nd International World Youth Day, called Panama 2019.

The event began yesterday (22 January). More than 1 million young people of different faiths have gathered to mark the first visit of Pope Francis to Panama.

Travelex is providing young attendees at the event with exclusive exchange rates and other incentives.

Travelex has sent additional staff to the country and is offering exclusive exchange rates. It is providing signage and distributing commemorative envelopes to attendees who exchange currency at Tocumen International, the main airport in the capital, Panama City.

Travelex CEO James Hewitt said: “We opened our first store in Panama at Tocumen International Airport in 2013.

“We now have […] three stores at Tocumen and we plan to continue expanding Travelex’s presence in Panama. As part of our expansion, we are committed to supporting local initiatives as we further integrate ourselves into Central and South America.

“We are excited and fortunate to be supporting our business partners and colleagues in sponsoring World Youth Day, a truly momentous occasion for the Panamanian community.”

The London-headquartered company operates more than 1,200 stores both inside and outside airports in 27 countries.

International Youth Day runs until Sunday 27 January.