Travel Blue is set to launch Z-ZOOM, a new brand of reading glasses, at next month’s TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition (stand G1).

Travel Blue said the launch of Z-ZOOM comes after increased global demand for high-quality, fashionable reading glasses. The brand has set out with a vision to create a premium, unisex eyewear range “suitable for all”.

Z-ZOOM Main image

From “classic and casual” to “bold and contemporary”, Z-ZOOM offers 240 SKUs

Z-ZOOM Travel Retail Director Jonathan Smith said: “We are thrilled to finally be able to share our new project with the travel retail world. The team spent a lot of time on developing the brand and used only high-quality materials to ensure the best possible product. This is a very exciting time for us.’’

The collection of reading glasses comprises over 240 different SKUs. All products are supplied with POS units that reflect the quality, design-led range, said Z-ZOOM. The reading glasses are available in a variety of frame designs to suit all face shapes, ranging from “classic and casual” to “bold and contemporary”. A range of complexion enhancing colours or neutral staples are available.

The eyewear is made from materials such as poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) and TR90 and is said to be comfortable, lightweight and durable.

Z-ZOOM products are presented on POS units that reflect the “quality, design-led” range

Some of the reading glasses come with additional features to benefit both sun readers and screen users. Magnetic sunglass attachments with a polarised lens help to block glare from unwanted light, while screen glasses are furnished with blue light filter lenses to protect against harmful blue lights from computer screens. Each style is available in five varying lens strengths, from +1.0 to +3.0.

The name Z-ZOOM comes from the notion of moving quickly and getting a closer sighting of what is in front. Smith explained: ‘‘As reading glasses are designed for those that have trouble with close range vision, the name Z-ZOOM came naturally. Zooming in for a clearer, sharper vision: This is what we provide. Z-ZOOM adds a little dimension and excitement.’’

Smith added: ‘Our mission is simply to provide travellers with high-quality, fashionable reading glasses whenever and wherever they may need them in travel retail.’’