DAY 1 – 29 JULY

INDIA. A brand odyssey is well and truly roaring after one of the most daring, ambitious and brilliant CSR initiatives in travel retail industry history got underway from CMS College in Coimbatore today.

Indian rum brand Wild Tiger’s Founder and Chief Brand Officer Gautom Menon and Brand Creative Head Paul George V have set off on their epic 65-day ‘Roar Trip’ from Kerala to Cannes, which began today (World Tiger Day) and finishes on 29 September.

Intrepid duo: Wild Tiger’s Brand Creative Head Paul George V (left) and Founder and Chief Brand Officer Gautom Menon pose at the start of their marathon trip

The Roar Trip is an awareness campaign for tiger conservation while promoting the duty free industry and Wild Tiger along the way.

Over 1,200 students marked the start of the Roar Trip with a human formation of the number 4,000 in tiger masks.

And they’re off: Environmentalist Meenakshi Arvind gets the 65-day journey underway

Dynamic duo Gautom and Paul were flagged off, naturally via a flag emblazoned with tiger stripes, by Meenakshi Arvind, an environmentalist and veteran roadie. She completed an all-women 70-day drive from Coimbatore to London two years ago and in a few days’ time is setting off on a new awareness-raising expedition across a Trans-Siberian trail.

During their Roar Trip, the Wild Tiger twosome will drive across 25 countries on a monster 25,000 kilometre journey. It will culminate in the most innovative arrival at TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes that you ever saw. We and many others will be there to greet these intrepid explorers in style.

Sole media sponsor The Moodie Davitt Report will be bringing you this ‘Roarport’ highlighting the adventures of our heroes on each day of their marathon trip.

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The itinerary of Wild Tiger’s 65-day road trip which will finish in Cannes on 29 September (click to enlarge)

Words of encouragement from well-known travel retail personalities…

[Dubai Duty Free Executive Vice Chairman and CEO Colm McLoughlin]

[Harding Retail Managing Director James Prescott]

[The team from Concourse Display Management]

[Skross Corporate Communications Manager Pia Kautz]

[Click on the icon to listen to Gautom Menon and Brand Creative Head Paul George talk about their Cannes-do, rum-tastic attitude and how The Moodie Davitt Report plans to catch a tiger by the (journalistic) tale.]


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ABOUT WILD TIGER RUM: Kerala-based Wild Tiger is India’s first rum to be produced from a blend of molasses and cane spirit. The rum’s velvet tiger print stripe packaging reflects the fact that no two tigers share the same stripe pattern – so the stripe design of the sleeve has been designed and cut to ensure that no two bottles are alike.Wild Tiger made its Indian travel retail debut in February 2016 and is now available in 53 countries.

ABOUT WILD TIGER FOUNDATION (WTF): Wild Tiger Foundation is a CSR initiative by Wild Tiger Rum, which contributes 10% of its profits to the cause. It is a registered non-profit organisation headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India that focuses on the conservation of the tiger and its habitat by raising funds and creating awareness. It was founded in 2015 by drinks entrepreneur Gautom Menon and Coimbatore-based businessman Suprej Venkat.The primary focus is the conservation of tigers and their habitats within the state of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, specifically Parambikulam Tiger Reserve in Kerala and Sathyamangalam Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu. Wild Tiger Foundation acts as an influencer and an enabler.India had around 100,000 tigers in the mid-19th century. Today it has around 2,200, underlining the urgency of the conservation cause.