In this episode of The Moodie Davitt podcast, we meet Jon Trask, CEO of Dimitra, a recently created enterprise whose mission is to place technology in the hands of millions of small farmers around the world. Why? Because by doing so Dimitra aims to enhance productivity and therefore the lives of farmers and improve food safety and enable greater food security globally.

Trask is passionate about using the power of information to deliver agricultural technology (Agtech) to small farm holders who while playing a vital role in keeping our world fed often struggle to feed their own families.

Dimitra’s mission is driven by a desire to equip the farmers of developing nations with the world-class tools already enjoyed by the richest. The former, underserved, group of farmers generate the production of almost 70 percent of the food in the world. Increasing output and revenue by 20 percent if we distribute it right and don’t waste it, theoretically could solve the world hunger crisis. A very telling statement indeed.

Enjoy The Moodie Davitt Podcast and look out for the full written version of the interview coming soon.

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