Proximo Spirits has launched a limited-edition travel retail-exclusive variant of The Kraken Black Spiced Rum supported by a ‘Where will The Kraken strike next?’ The Kraken vs London marketing campaign.

To support the campaign, conducted at several airports including London Heathrow, Stansted and Luton, Proximo set up newspaper stands promoting a title called The Beastly Times. This warned passengers that a monstrous creature known as The Kraken was on the rampage, destroying landmark buildings across London.

Read all about it: The marketing campaign and display centred around a hoax story in The Beastly Times, an imaginary newspaper

The design of the limited-edition bottles captured The Kraken’s attack at the height of its destructive rage.

Illustrated graphics showed The Beast emerging from the River Thames wrapping its tentacles around Big Ben before ripping the landmark from its foundations and holding it above its head.

Passengers who bought the rum were treated to complementary packaging based on The Beastly Times article

In another scenario, London’s skyline was left permanently scarred.

Purchasers received a lenticular postcard, so they could write to loved ones saying they had safely escaped The Kraken’s clutches.

To protect the rare edition, the bottles were wrapped in a page of The Beastly Times.

A Proximo spokesperson said: “Following the attack, The Kraken was reportedly sighted heading south. In response, it seems that many countries around the world are adopting a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach to protecting their cities.

“In recent days, there has been rumour of defence activity along the Seine as well as structural reinforcements on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.”

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