Shiseido has relaunched its make-up offering with a complete overhaul of the category. The new collection will hit travel retail stores in the coming days.

Shiseido new makeup launch 2018 group shot

Shiseido’s new makeup range features not only new products but also new packaging. The minimal and modern style is designed, the brand explained, to give a “luxe tech” feeling to the range.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the new range is its categorisation, which groups products together based on textures rather than more traditional collections by colour or function. Thus the familiar lips, eyes, or even reds, have given way to new labels – powders, dews, gels and inks.

In the gels category are lipsticks and lip balms. The inks comprise eyeliners, brow pencils, mascaras, lipsticks and a multi-use product – Kajal InkArtist – that can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner or brow definer.

Shiseido new makeup launch 2018 gel lipsticks

Following the relaunch, Shiseido’s lipsticks are now categorised by texture, with the VisionAiry range coming under ‘gels’. The full-coverage lipstick is available in over 25 shades.

The first addition to dews is the Aurora Dew, a multi-use highlighter that the brand said “incorporates light optic technology”. The powders range comprises lipsticks and eye palettes.

The Travel Light As Air Palette is a travel retail exclusive launching in November. The travel-sized and lightweight palette features a mixture of powders and gels which have various uses and were chosen for versatility, said Shiseido. Some shades are also travel retail exclusive.

Shiseido new makeup launch 2018 - travel light as air palette travel retail exclusive

The travel-retail exclusive Travel Light As Air Palette will launch in November. It offers a mix of gels and powders, many of them with multiple uses. Some shades are exclusive to this palette.

Shiseido Travel Retail Brand Director Skincare Kristina Strunz said: “The time and attention to detail in developing this makeup collection is a true hallmark of our Japanese values here in the Shiseido Group. We are breaking new ground in this collection and tapping into the booming makeup sector in Asia.

“The products are extraordinary in performance and formulation. Shiseido’s expertise in skincare has also been infused in the makeup – we have, essentially, developed a pioneering makeup collection that takes care of your skin.”


The range will launch in travel retail across Europe, the Middle East and Africa this month, in Asia Pacific next month and in the Americas in November.

Shiseido Travel Retail will also be showcasing the new range at the TFWA World Exhibition (Riviera Village, RJ5).

Note: Look out for a more in-depth analysis of Shiseido’s intriguing new approach to make-up coming soon on The Moodie Davitt Report.

Shiseido new makeup launch 2018 - Kajal InkArtist eyeshadow, eyeliner or eyebrow pencil

The Kajal InkArtist is a boldly pigmented product that can be used as an eyeshadow, eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. It features a built in sharpener and is available in ten colours.