Maison Hennessy is preparing to roll out its ‘Senses of Hennessy’ experience to selected travel retail environments after a highly successful debut since May at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2E.

Senses of Hennessy, described by the Cognac house as “a playful and innovative sensory experience” in travel retail, features a multi-sensory, touchscreen console Cognac finder that offers a personalised journey of discovery.

The Senses of Hennessy Cognac finder creates a heightened experience of discovery by drawing on the senses of hearing, sight and smell

 A new way of discovering the Hennessy Cognac collection inside Les Caves Particulieres at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

It debuted with Les Caves Particulières the high-end luxury wines & spirits store run by the Société de Distribution Aéroportuaire joint venture between Paris Aéroport (Groupe ADP) and Lagardère Travel Retail.

The interactive sensory experience was also showcased and presented at the ‘Open Kitchen’, on the LVMH booth at Viva Technology 2022 in Paris from 15 to 18 June.

The Senses of Hennessy sensorial Cognac finder creates a heightened sensation of discovery by drawing on the senses of hearing, sight and smell in a way designed to appeal to all customers, regardless of their degree of familiarity or expertise in Cognacs.

All travellers, whether Cognac connoisseurs or newcomers, can immerse themselves in the emotion and passion behind the Maison’s blends— even without a tasting – Hennessy said.

“We wanted to offer travellers a new way of discovering the Hennessy Cognac collection. In that spirit, Moët Hennessy is pioneering luxury experiences by combining technology and emotion,” said Moët Hennessy Global Travel Retail Marketing & Business Director Edouard Dordor.

“We want to invite customers to step into the Hennessy universe and find the blend that is perfect for them.”

Developed under the supervision of Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, Hennessy’s eighth-generation Master Blender, the interactive platform uses disruptive technology to “rouse memories, spark interest and stir desire”.

Nature and its influence on Cognac-making is reflected through images, impressions, scents and sounds, helping customers to intuitively refine their appreciation of Cognac.

After selecting their preferred flavor and olfactory notes, they are guided through the intense, full and fruity signatures of Hennessy X.O, Hennessy X.X.O, Hennessy V.S.O.P, James Hennessy and Hennessy Paradis Cognacs.

“The resulting profile may surprise: it just might be that their ‘perfect Cognac’ is one they’ve never tried before. Now, in less than ten minutes, it has found them,” Hennessy said.

An olfactory discovery of Hennessy Cognacs

Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde worked with an expert perfumer to develop sophisticated olfactory signatures that reveal each Cognac’s unique character.

“While it’s impossible to fully reproduce the smell of a Cognac through fragrance, olfactory precision is obviously essential to the Master Blender’s art,” he said.

“For me, working alongside an expert nose to share some of the various notes found in Hennessy Cognacs was an enriching dialogue. The result is a powerful reminder that relying on all the senses — sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste — and the emotions they elicit is the reason we have been able to pass down Hennessy savoir-faire for eight generations.”

Hennessy brought this immersive experience to life through its collaboration with a leading-edge technological partner: AirParfum. Part of the Puig group, AirParfum offers an innovative olfactive platform that lets consumers sample countless perfumes without risk of sensorial saturation. Senses of Hennessy marks the first time this fragrance technology has been applied to the world of fine spirits.

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