Ritter Sport heads to TFWA World Exhibition with a new stand and refreshed line-up of travel shopping-exclusive products (Green Village, L47).

“Colourful on the outside, chocolatey on the inside”: Ritter Sport presents its latest travel shopping-exclusive lines.

The brand has adopted a “colourful on the outside and chocolatey on the inside” approach. Key brand visuals feature a map of the world filled with coloured squares that echo Ritter chocolate bars. Ritter Sport said its refreshed look, which was developed exclusively for travel retail, will be consistent across POS displays and the product range.

The 397g Ritter Sport Choco Cubes Pouch targets sharing and offers 50 chocolates in five varieties: Choco Crisp, Caramel, Whole Nut in Nougat Cream, Fine Nougat, and Strawberry Yoghurt.

Ritter Sport says its Choco Cubes Pouch is made to share.

The 67g Ritter Sport Chocolate World has four mini bars in Cornflakes, Hazelnut, Strawberry Yoghurt and Fine Milk Chocolate flavours.

The 167g Mini Pouch targets sharing and self consumption with Chopped Hazelnuts, Strawberry Yoghurt, Nougat, Cornflakes, Butter Biscuit and Milk Chocolate varieties.