Call out the instigator
Because there’s something in the air
We’ve got to get together sooner or later
Because the revolution’s here
– Thunderclap Newman

FRANCE. Business lab, a digital agency with particular expertise in the airline industry and e-commerce, has launched SKYdeals,  promising a “revolutionary shopping experience” onboard.

SKYdeals is an e-commerce site available on all connected devices that allows brands to propose exclusive, targeted offers to air travellers on flights with onboard Wi-Fi. said Business lab CEO Julien Sivan.

skydealsA live trial is being conducted onboard new French airline French Blue in February and March 2017 on its Paris Orly-Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) route.

SKYdeals’ offer includes services (including excursions, entertainment, hotel and restaurant bookings, and airport transfers), as well as products (including fashion, accessories and various gift items) adapted to the traveller’s profile.

Commercial promotions such as ‘flyover’, ‘group sales’ and even ‘happy hour’ will be available to gamify [to adapt a task so that it takes on the form of a game] the experience.

A pret-à-porter brand, for example, will be able to offer a ‘flash sale’ at a specific time of the flight, targeting its products according to different passenger profiles, said Sivan.

Sivan claimed that SKYdeals will offer “incredible potential” for brands previously excluded from travel retail. “For brands, it is now easy to access one of the most dynamic markets in the world,” he said. “It is a €66 billion market with a population of 3 million passengers per day and 700,000 permanently in the air. Thanks to Wi-Fi onboard, a new sales channel has just opened for brands, especially for those who were excluded from the gigantic travel retail market.”

He commented: “This offer will allow brands and services to target in a very fine way the travellers currently inflight and to push them preferential offers such as private sales, a true revolution in the world of travel retail.”

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