USA. OTG has opened a new premium wine bar – Wibar – in Delta Terminal C at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

The wine list at the new location was composed by Master Sommelier Roger Dagorn and features 101 premium wines from California, France and around the world. All wines are dispensed from a WineEmotion serving system, meaning travellers can enjoy tasting pours (2 oz.) and flights, as well as half- and full-bottles. The bar also serves small bites to complement the wine.

The new bar serves over 100 wines from around the world

“People travel the world over, always looking for something new,” said Dagorn. “At the same time, if they are stopping over in a particular area, region or town, they are looking forward to checking out the local fare.

“In our case, Long Island and the Finger Lakes have their time to shine. Plus, we feature some exotic great varieties that can excite the imagination.”

New York-based Icrave designed the new bar, which features a canopy chandelier and aims to make each seat feel like the customer is sitting at the sommelier’s table. Customers can also take advantage of OTG’s trademark iPad experience, using the devices to browse a menu translatable into 20 different languages, access real-time flight information and browse the web.

OTG Chief Executive Rick Blatstein said: “Wibar is a wonderful place for customers to sit back, relax, and unwind over a great glass of wine and a bite to eat. The diverse selection of wines offer customers a taste of New York, as well as the globe.”