CHINA. Some 25,000 fewer flights will operate to and from China this week compared to either of the past two weeks as a result of cancellations due to the coronavirus, according to flight schedule analyst OAG. That translates to a loss of around 4.4 million seats across domestic and international routes – the equivalent of the entire Indian market, according to OAG.

The sharp fall in inbound and outbound capacity, as illustrated by OAG (click to enlarge)

Domestic seat capacity has slumped by 3.8 million seats, or around 23,000 flights in the past two weeks. Among the major Chinese carriers, most have sharply cut capacity, although China Southern stands out for a relatively modest -5% decrease compared to the week beginning 20 January.

In all, 24 airlines have stopped all scheduled services to China. These accounted for nearly 48,000 seats per week or around 2% of international capacity, reported OAG.

Among the international airlines to have dropped more than 8,000 seats week on week are Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, said OAG.

Singapore and Thailand, both major travel retail markets that rely on Chinese visitors, have seen seat capacity fall sharply

In percentage terms, noted OAG, Singapore (-38%) and Thailand (-34%) have seen the largest falls in seat numbers over the last two weeks. Thailand – the largest outbound market for Chinese tourists – has lost over 100,000 seats compared to two weeks ago.

The major Chinese carriers have slashed frequencies, though China Southern Airlines has held capacity relatively steady compared to others

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