Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) has partnered with The Moodie Davitt Report in a vibrant website makeover to support the launch of its updated Kit Kat Senses range.

The company is also launching high-profile activations in global airports which focus on a red London bus-shaped gondola. NITR said they would create both Sense of Place and a ‘sense of origin’.

Bus journey: The activations highlight the Kit Kat Senses range and offer interactive elements.

The first activations will launch at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 and Singapore Changi Terminal 2 from May, followed by installations at DXB (Dubai International) Concourse A, zone 7 and Concourse B (promotion only) from June.

With its compact footprint, the bus features a small seat that children up to the age of 10 (32kg) can use. It incorporates a digital interactive screen that allows travellers to select fun videos to play and write personal messages that appear on the screen. Consumers can then take photos/selfies that incorporate the message. NITR said the bus offers another photo opportunity.

The activations also feature sampling of the Kit Kat Senses range, which includes the new 2019 Mini Desserts selection.

NITR General Manager Stewart Dryburgh said the red London bus was a nod to the brand’s UK roots and will be introduced to other key airport locations throughout the summer.

“Where we have installed buses already we have seen a positive impact on penetration and increased sales conversion with total sales increases of between 20%-40%,” he said. “The bus is the perfect tool for Kit Kat; both are instantly recognisable, have huge global appeal and are linked through both the strong red colour and British history.”

The bus will be used to highlight the Kit Kat Senses range while also displaying other brand formats such as Chunky, Sharing Bags and Multipacks.

A feast of the Senses.

Kit Kat Senses originated with the launch of Mini Moments in 2017, a travel retail exclusive assortment of five flavours, including caramel, mocha, cookies & cream, hazelnut and milk chocolate original. In 2018, NITR released Kit Kat Senses Collection: five-finger wafer bars in three flavours – double chocolate, coconut and hazelnut. This year, the range has been further extended with Mini Desserts, a premium selection featuring four new dessert flavours: Tiramisu, Crème Brulée, Strawberry Cheesecake and Cherry Brownie.

NITR said Kit Kat Senses, presented in a premium format, are particularly aimed at millennials and encourage travellers to explore new flavour experiences. The range is suitable for gifting or self-treat. Each flavour selection comes in re-closable packaging with individually wrapped bars.

An upgraded visual identity aims to give the range a more premium feel. The brand’s red ‘K’ stands out in harmony with the vibrant triangles and designs on the packaging.

Kit Kat Senses was created based on NITR’s ‘SOUL’ (Stories, Occasion, Unique, Local) strategic framework as a response to the evolving travel retail industry, particularly among millennials, who represent 50% of all spend (Nielsen 2017).

The offer will play a key role in NITR’s recently declared mission to double the travel retail confectionery and fine foods category to US$10 billion within ten years. This is built upon new ‘need state’ research findings commissioned by the company that has revealed three key purchasing motivators, each with their own individual set of reasons to buy. First revealed by Dryburgh at the recent Airport Commercial & Retail Conference in Reykjavik, they are:

  • ‘Elevated Experiences’: including Travel Souvenir, Give Me a Boost and Experience & Indulge;
  • ‘Deeper Connections’: including All Year Round Gifting, Share and Connect, Celebrate the Seasons and Uplifting Breaks; and,
  • ‘Better for You’: including Health Snacks, Better Treats and Happy Parents-Happy Kids.

Further insights will be delivered by Dryburgh at the upcoming TFWA Asia Pacific Conference in Singapore on 13 May.

“Used in conjunction with our SOUL framework, we believe that we can create the opportunities to kick-start a vigorous new growth curve for confectionery and fine foods,” said Dryburgh. “Kit Kat Senses will definitely be a key product focus within our strategy moving forward.”