Montegrappa has unveiled a new range of writing instruments based on the Home Box Office (HBO) hit series, Game of Thrones.

The series, an adaptation of the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin, has captured the imagination of fans globally and become one of the most popular shows on television.

Montegrappa said its new range aims to convey the show’s grandeur through a collection of writing instruments representing the four key Game of Thrones families: Stark, Baratheon, Lannister and Targaryen.

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Montegrappa produces its own Game of Thrones featuring a full range of writing instruments

Each instrument is available as a fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen and is individualised for the family it represents through sigils (an inscribed symbol considered to have magical power) and emblems.

All barrels and caps are made with colourful lacquered surfaces, while the trims are in palladium, 18ct gold or bronze plate, with Game of Thrones engraved on the cap ring. The stainless steel fountain pens’ nibs are decorated with a sword, and are available in the four writing grades: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad. The fountain pen is both cartridge and converter-fed.

Lannister and Targaryen

Montegrappa enables customers to write their own epic using Crown of Thrones pens

The Game of Thrones pens are presented in a double box, with a black outer carton bearing each family’s symbol. The inner box is covered in material evoking the styles of the historical period that inspired Game of Thrones, with sigils and patterns relevant to the four families.

The Baratheon pen is charcoal coloured with accents of yellow gold. Its pocket clip has a stag’s head design with another stag on the cap’s top, above the ‘Ours Is The Fury’ motto. A fleur-de-lis pattern decorates the cap.

Lannister comes in red with yellow gold contrasts. The pen features a lion’s head for its pocket clip, and a lion on the cap’s top, above the motto ‘Hear Me Roar’. The cap has a floral pattern, reminiscent of the Tudor rose.

Baratheon and Stark

‘Ours is the Fury’: Baratheon and Stark play major roles in Montegrappa’s new series

Stark echoes House Stark’s northern origins and is silvery-white with palladium accents. The cap is patterned with a runic symbol (a writing system used in Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet) reminiscent of Norse artistry and the pocket clip has a dire wolf’s head design. The top of the cap shows the dire wolf’s profile, above the motto ‘Winter Is Coming’.

Targaryen is in metallic red against a black background. The pocket clip is decorated with a dragon’s head and the cap’s top with a dragon and the ‘Fire and Blood’ motto. There is a filigree pattern on the cap.

Montegrappa said it has plans to release deluxe limited editions.