Molton Brown Global Vice President of Marketing Beatrice Descorps described the Loop platform as a “game-changing way of sustainable living”

British fragrance house Molton Brown has teamed up with ecommerce platform Loop to offer refills of some of its best-selling hand wash products. To celebrate the partnership, Molton Brown and Loop held a virtual sustainability event today (16 July) called ‘The Beauty Industry Refill Revolution.’

The Loop is an innovative global shopping platform that reduces waste and single-use plastic, by offering customers product refills. It was launched in May 2019 by the founders of leading recycling company TerraCycle and promotes reusing products in addition to recycling them.

Three of Molton Brown’s liquid handwashes are now available in refillable 200ml formats on Loop’s platform. These are Delicious Rhubarb & Rose, Orange & Bergamot and Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel.

(Left to right) Delicious Rhubarb & Rose, Orange & Bergamot, Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel

Customers can order Molton Brown handwashes online and have their orders delivered by Loop. Once finished, Loop will collect the bottles, clean and replenish them, and deliver them back to customers’ homes — closing the loop of disposable beauty.

Molton Brown has also partnered with Loop for its ‘Return, Recycle and Reward’ initiative. The campaign aims to further reduce the use of single-use packaging by encouraging customers to return empty 300ml bottles to Molton Brown’s stores. Customers who return the empty bottles will receive a -10% discount on their next purchase.

The Beauty Industry Refill Revolution virtual panel discussion dissected the influence of sustainability in the beauty industry and outlined Molton Brown’s various sustainability commitments. The panel was comprised of Molton Brown Global Vice President of Marketing Beatrice Descorps, Loop Europe General Manager Blandine Surry and model and sustainability spokesperson Arizona Muse.

Molton Brown’s product offering is 100% vegetarian with aims to become 100% vegan by 2022. Molton Brown’s factory shifted to renewable energy in 2015. It is also shifting the packaging of its popular bath, body and hand collections to 50% recycled PET plastic by the end of this year.

The company — which currently recycles 97% of its waste — also aims to reach zero landfill and reach carbon neutrality by 2025.

Molton Brown CEO Mark Johnson commented, “Driven by our pioneering legacy, our mission is to rewrite the rules of luxury; putting uncompromising care at the heart of everything we do — be it with our people, our products or our places.

“With these new initiatives, we are leveraging the focus on sustainability which already exists within both the brand’s DNA and our working practices, to set Molton Brown apart as a pioneer in luxury sustainable lifestyles.”

“We’re proud to partner with Loop, a truly game-changing way of sustainable living,” commented Molton Brown Global Vice President Marketing Beatrice Descorps. “This system, the first of its kind, aligns with our core belief of putting the environment first. By allowing our customers to experience our products endlessly and ethically, without compromising on quality, Loop helps us eradicate waste and keeps our earth thriving.”

Molton Brown has ambitions to rewrite the rules of luxury and become a pioneer in sustainable beauty