The YSL Beauté Pure Shots pop-up is made with FSC-certified wood and recycled glass panels. Parts of the installation can also be redressed for future use.

CHINA. L’Oréal has unveiled the YSL Beauté Pure Shots pop-up at the China Duty Free Group-run Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Complex in Hainan. The pop-up features a number of sustainable beauty innovations and showcases YSL Beauté’s new Pure Shots skincare line. It will run until 30 September.

The YSL Beauté Pure Shots pop-up combines retailtainment with a sustainability ethos. The 30sq m space was built with environmentally-conscious fabrications, including FSC-certified wood and recycled glass. Once the pop-up concludes, the materials can be separated and used for end-of-life recycling purposes. Other parts of the installation can also be redressed and reused for future activations, promoting circular economy practices.

The activation also introduces the YSL Urban Skin Check tool, which gives travellers a five-minute skin diagnosis and offers tailored skincare recommendations. The tool features L’Oréal’s patented ModiFace AI technology that uses a skin-scoring algorithm based on over 10,000 images of women’s faces. The technology analyses overall skin quality based on the top seven skin concerns: glow, smoothness, texture, plumpness, evenness, porelessness and defined skin contours.

All eyes on Hainan: Crowds of customers flock to the YSL Beauté Pure Shots pop-up in the CDF Mall in Hainan, which continues to be one of travel retail’s hot spots through the health crisis

The pop-up also features the BeautyMatic vending machine, which gives visitors exclusive YSL Beauté gifts in exchange for a YSL coin. It also offers a curated selection of YSL Beauté makeup and fragrance products.

“In collaboration with China Duty Free Group, I am thrilled to launch the YSL Beauté́ Pure Shots pop-up at Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Complex,” commented YSL Beauté Travel Retail Asia Pacific General Manager Emily Coleman. “Not only have we invented the beauty of tomorrow with digital innovations and services, we have also pushed boundaries to catalyse a positive change towards more ‘sustainable retailtainment’.”

One-shot beauty for fast-paced lifestyles

The YSL Pure Shots skincare line was created to target the specific skincare issues of women who lead fast-paced lifestyles. Backed by the YSL Scientific Advisory Board’s breakthrough discovery that urban lifestyles accelerate skin ageing by +30%, the YSL Pure Shots line takes a pioneering approach to skincare by offering treatments and preventative solutions tailored to women’s individual environments and lifestyles.

The YSL Pure Shots range is comprised of the Night Reboot Serum, Lines Away Serum, Light Up Serum, Y Shape Serum, Hydra Bounce Essence-in-Lotion and Perfect Plumper Cream. The formulas are made with a powerful combination of plant extracts sourced from YSL’s Ourika gardens in Morocco. The line is also free from parabens, mineral oil, BHT, SLS, SLES, and other harmful chemical ingredients.

According to YSL Beauté Travel Retail Asia Pacific General Manager Emily Coleman, the pop-up — which features L’Oréal’s innovative ModiFace technology and BeautyMatic vending machine — brings the “beauty of tomorrow” to Haitang Bay.

The YSL Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of dermatologists scientists botanists and lifestyle experts, have developed a pioneering lifestyle focused approach to skincare with the new line

The Night Reboot Serum — the line’s flagship serum — is made with moonlight cactus and glycolic acid and instantly reduces the signs of fatigue. It has also been infused with Bi-Phase exfoliator in-oil to refine and smooth the skin.

The Lines Away serum reduces fine lines and wrinkles through a blend of Iris and Hyaluronic acid and micro-filling technology; while the Light Up Serum banishes dullness using chroma corrective technology and a Marshmallow & Vitamin Cg formula.

The Y Shape Serum is a liquid micro-emulsion that fights skin sagging through a blend of Barbary Fig & Peptides; while the Hydra Bounce Essene-in-Lotion combats skin dryness with micro-droplets of Orange Blossom, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3. Finally, the Perfect Plumper Cream replenishes skin with Orange Blossom and Ribose extract.

Commenting on the scientific breakthrough that inspired the new launch, YSL Beauté Scientific Director Caroline Negre said: “Inspired by precision medicine, precision cosmetics means we take into account all women and their skin, because we have a precise understanding of how their skin works, how it is affected by the environment and by their lifestyle, and how these factors accelerate the appearance of ageing signs. Drawing on this new approach, we provide women’s skin with a tailored solution targeting the specific signs of urban ageing.

“The Pure Shots range is designed to meet the expectations of modern women with a fast- paced lifestyle, who live in an extreme urban environment. The range is made up of serums, with Night Reboot being the flagship serum. Night Reboot has been developed for use by women who want to regulate their skin’s self-regeneration to reduce sings of fatigue.”

The pop-up also offers a curated selection of makeup and fragrance products from YSL Beauté

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