RUSSIA. Arkady Novikov Group has opened the largest dining area yet at Moscow Domodedovo International Airport. Trading under the name Edim Letim (translating to ‘Let’s Eat and Fly’ in English), the 9,000sq ft space on the second floor, landside, features a variety of cuisines.

The entrance to the new 9,000sq ft eating establishment – Edim Letim – at Domodedovo International Airport.

Arkady Novikov Group has completed multiple high-profile restaurant projects in Moscow and London over the past 20 years. The design and branding for the new food hall was undertaken by New York’s Asthetique Group.

The ceiling features corrugated steel, with LED fixtures nestled within angled wood planks, which Asthetique said creates a “unique lighting experience”.

Described by Arkady Novikov as a ‘gastronomic market’, Edim Letim has four main themed areas featuring home-style Russian cooking, street food, oriental cuisine and a coffee shop.

The various food counters tie into Edim Letim’s overarching design theme.

Homemade breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, grill dishes, pizza, kebabs, oriental pastries and healthy food options are available across four menus, which include a combined selection of more than 200 food items.

A wide variety of street foods are on offer from one of the main Edim Letim menus.

Edim Letim’s various dining spaces are harmonised by artwork and common design features created by Asthetique. The fascia of each food counter is customised to reflect its respective cuisine, while maintaining a unified overall design and branding.

An assortment of aircraft carrying food feature as a design element of the décor, menus and takeaway packaging at Edim Letim.

On the back of its work on Edim Letim, Asthetique told The Moodie Davitt Report that it has been commissioned to design three new food & beverage outlets in various locations at Domodedovo International in the coming months. The three projects are a café (to be named Bistrot Airport), a bar (Legends Sports Bar) and a coffee shop (Coffeemolka). The value of the contract for Asthetique’s element of the work will be between US$1.2-1.5 million.

Domodedovo International is Russia’s second busiest airport by passenger traffic.

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