L’Oréal Luxe brand Lancôme has partnered with Lotte Duty Free to open a store at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.

The store, which reflects the brand’s new visual identity, is designed to be like a “Parisian apartment with a view”. According to Lancôme, the space is “infused with an artistic and casual yet chic French touch” and is described as “an inspirational place full of discovery”.


“Artistic and casual yet chic French touch”: The store reflects Lancôme’s new visual identity


Lotte Duty Free said the store “breaks the rules of retail standards in travel retail”

The shop features a sharing table in the centre which encourages customers to play with textures and colours, guided by recommendations from beauty advisors. Customers can also discover the art of make-up or test tailor-made skincare routines.

Customers can explore the world of Lancôme and discover or re-discover the various product families including best-sellers such as La Vie est Belle, Advanced Génifique, or l’Absolu Rouge. The latest launches and travel exclusives are also available.


Customers can discover the art of make-up or test tailor-made skincare routines

Lotte Duty Free Merchandising Innovation Team Merchandising Director Jeffrey Davis said: “I am very pleased to have the first new 2020 Lancôme travel retail counter in the world. It is an amazing shop that awakens the senses, from the virtual video walls of cherry blossom petals to the make-up counters that invite customers to explore the world of Lancôme.

“This new beauty concept really breaks the rules of retail standards in travel retail as it is fully consumer centric, enabling each customer to play with the products. Sales have already improved since opening and you can see the smiles and joy from customers that love the new look and freedom to navigate in a more playful manner.”

Lancôme commented: “The Lotte Hotel Lancôme store perfectly reflects the brand’s new design and concept. Already available in local markets, this concept has been efficiently adapted to the travel retail channel to provide a smooth shopping experience given travellers’ time constraints.”