Beam Suntory said it has “brought together the world’s most highly regarded whisky regions” for its latest travel retail exclusive.

Suntory World Whisky Ao, which will be available in 16 markets, is a blend of whisky from renowned distilleries in Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the US. The name Ao, meaning blue, refers to the oceans that connect the five countries.

The one-of-a-kind whisky is designed to bring together the heathery flavour of Ardmore and Glen Garioch, the complexity of Cooley, the smoothness of Alberta, the vibrance of Jim Beam and the subtlety of Yamazaki and Hakushu. The result is a whisky with notes of vanilla, tropical fruit and cinnamon.

Blue is the colour: The name Ao refers to the oceans that connect the five countries

Suntory Spirits Head Sho Semba said: “We are very excited about the launch of this new whisky. Suntory World Whisky Ao brings together the world’s most highly regarded whisky regions to produce this unique and premium quality blend.

“In recent years we’ve seen a huge increase in demand from customers across the world who want to experience Japanese whisky. We are confident that whisky enthusiasts will enjoy the unique flavour created by this unique Japanese blended whisky, which originates from around the world.”

Beam Suntory International Global Head of Travel Retail Marketing Ed Stening added: “This is a truly innovative whisky that blends five very different distilleries’ greatest assets and unique crafts. We couldn’t be more excited to share Ao with our customers and bring some exciting innovation to the global travel retail world.”

Fifth-generation Suntory chief blender, Shinji Fukuyo, carefully selected the liquids used based on Suntory’s monozukuri craftsmanship – a relentless pursuit of perfection, meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality. “Ao is an exceptional whisky which, through the art of Suntory blending, allows you to enjoy the unique characteristics of each of the five major whisky-making regions,” Fukuyo said.

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