“I think this is the worst crisis,” says King Power Traveler President Rakhita Jayawardena

Welcome to In Crisis – Travel Retail Voices, our new podcast series where we speak to travel retail executives around the world to see how they and their businesses are coping with the COVID-19 crisis.

Today’s episode features industry veteran and ‘the father of inflight retail’, King Power Traveler President Rakhita Jayawardena.

Sri Lanka is, of course, no stranger to crises that impact tourism; having dealt with the devastating impact of war, a tsunami, and terrorism in recent years.

Rakhita applauds the efforts of the government and the country’s medical services but says of the devastation being wreaked on his country: “The tourism authority has never seen a crisis like this before. I think this is the worst.”

However, in an upbeat conclusion, he adds: “In Sri Lanka over the years we have been the subject of many challenges…. our resilience is very strong.”

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