The limited-edition packaging features evocative artwork by acclaimed Chinese illustrator Rlon Wang.

The Glenfiddich Stag lifts off into space in the striking travel retail-exclusive packaging of Gran Reserva 21

William Grant & Sons-owned Scotch whisky brand Glenfiddich has released a travel retail-exclusive expression of its Gran Reserva 21 Year Old Single Malt.

The limited edition features a Chinese New Year-themed gift pack designed by acclaimed illustrator Rlon Wang. The expression was launched in global travel retail in December.

The design evokes “a world of good fortune and auspicious wonders”, the brand owner said. The Gran Reserva 21 Year Old was conceived as an eye-catching addition to travel retail’s premium gifting market.

The liquid combines the flavours of Scotland and the Caribbean with its rum cask finish.

The travel retail-exclusive bottling comes at 43.2% ABV, while its domestic market counterpart is 40% ABV.

The travel retail-exclusive expression completes a trilogy of Chinese New Year gift packs designed by Rlong Wang. The first release told the story of Charles Gordon — Glenfiddich Founder William Grant’s son-in-law — who brought the Speyside whisky to the world.

The travel retail-exclusive design is the final release in Glenfiddich’s trilogy of limited-edition Chinese New Year expressions, featuring artwork by Rlon Wang

Rich, sweet and exotic: Finished in a rum cask, the golden liquid blends Scottish and Caribbean flavours

The second release told the tale of the ‘Great Homecoming’ and portrayed Glenfiddich’s signature stag emblem returning to Scotland. The stag translates to ‘Fu Lu’ in Mandarin and symbolises wealth and prosperity.

William Grant & Sons Global Luxury Director Will Peacock said: “With the conclusion of this series of limited-edition Chinese New Year packs, artist Rlon Wang speaks to our time by capturing a feeling of optimism for the future. The talented illustrator, a fellow maverick in his field, takes our characters on one final journey to a horizon of possibility and opportunity.”

Traditional Chinese symbols meet futuristic motifs in Rlon Wang’s multi-layered packaging design

Wang added, “I greatly enjoyed working with Glenfiddich for this final design; I was able to use a technique of multi-layered illustrations to put people’s brightest hopes and dreams on a canvas. I gave the design an otherworldly feel with the use of traditional symbols in futuristic forms.

“We see old friends, Glenfiddich’s Royal Stag and the traditional dancing Chinese lion, ascending to the stars with a bright galaxy in front of them; auspicious lanterns, lotus flowers and a soaring phoenix guide them into a vibrant world full of galactic proportions. Zero-gravity allows them to reach new heights, representing a boundless future that awaits.”

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