SPAIN/CHINA. Travel data analyst ForwardKeys has announced a partnership with a major Chinese payment service provider to create a new, interactive dashboard named Chinese Shopper Tracker. Its purpose is to capture Chinese consumer insights for the travel retail sector.

The name of ForwardKeys’ new partner has not been declared, its identity protected under an NDA agreement.

ForwardKeys Director of Travel Retail Marina Giuliano: “This unique spending data helps brands and retailers understand what kind of consumers they can expect at specific locations.”

ForwardKeys said the dashboard will reveal how much a Chinese traveller spends at the airport and specifically at duty free stores. It will also give insights into how the profile of Chinese shoppers is evolving.

The Chinese consumer insights provided by the dashboard are two-fold:

  1. Spending data: Transactions, visits, average spend per visit, total spend and more.
  2. Shopper profiles: Shopper origin, age groups, their credit card brand, their spend, preferred hotel brands and travel destinations and more.

Two additional features are available as an upgrade that will enable brands and retailers to enlarge their scope of analysis. These allow the client firstly to benchmark duty free spending at competing locations, China and international; and secondly, to examine the consumption of luxury goods and brands in select cities within China.

Historical data is available from 2018 and interested parties can choose to access the data via the dashboard or flat files to suit their business intelligence strategy.

Hainan will have its own edition of the Chinese Shopper Tracker, to reflect the Chinese island’s rising prominence in the duty free market

ForwardKeys Director of Travel Retail Marina Giuliano said: “This unique spending data helps brands and retailers understand what kind of consumers they can expect at specific locations and what is their full spend contribution. The service provides real quantitative data and insights to allow the travel retailers to readjust their strategies to target Chinese shoppers when travelling domestically during these challenging times.”

Reflecting the rising significance of the Chinese island Hainan within the duty free market, ForwardKeys added that it has created a Hainan-focused version of the new dashboard.

Giuliano explained: “The Chinese Shopper Tracker (Hainan Edition) provides you with the opportunity to understand what types of travel audiences shopped in Hainan before the outbreak of COVID-19 and how this has been changing along the weeks since when stores have welcomed again Chinese travellers. Thanks to exceptionally fresh data, it allows you to make data-driven decisions on future marketing and retail strategies.”

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