This first-of-its kind activation, launched in partnership with Travel Retail Norway, highlights the confectionery company’s sustainable Cocoa Life CSR programme

NORWAY. Mondelez World Travel Retail (WTR) has partnered with Gebr Heinemann-led Travel Retail Norway to launch a sustainably designed multi-brand activation at Oslo Airport.

The animation, which features across the airport’s Arrivals, Departures East & Departures North Halls, shines the light on the confectionery company’s Cocoa Life CSR programme. The campaign was launched at the beginning of August.

The activation, a global first for Mondelez WTR, was conceived with a zero-waste retail design. It was constructed with cut-off wood from other units, magnetic panels which can be rebuilt post-activation, and outdoor vegetable planters which will be donated to schools and public spaces. In addition, it shines the light on strategic brands such as Toblerone and regional chocolate brands Freia and Daim.

Conscious cocoa: The zero waste activation uses recycled wood, magnetic panels and circular planters in accordance with Mondelez WTR’s sustainable design scorecard

The pop-ups are decorated with colourful visuals that tell Mondelez WTR’s Cocoa life story across various fixtures. Living plants are interwoven in the space to further emphasise the sustainability story, while travellers can interact with visuals of cocoa pods, plant life and people.

Mondelez International’s sustainable Cocoa Life programme addresses the root issues that cocoa farming communities are facing today. These include climate change, gender inequality, poverty and child labour. The programme empowers sustainable cocoa farming communities by educating cocoa farmers about forest conservation and restoration.

In addition, Mondelez WTR’s entire travel retail chocolate portfolio uses cocoa that is sourced through its Cocoa Life programme, with the ambition of shifting 100% of cocoa to sustainable sources by 2025.

The pop-ups tell the story of Mondelez International’s Cocoa Life CSR programme through engaging visual displays

“From sourcing our ingredients to our activities in-store, embedding sustainable practices is a priority for Mondelez WTR,” commented Mondelez WTR Senior Business Development Manager Iris Litschauer. “Through this pioneering zero-waste activation, we are sharing the Cocoa Life story with our consumers in an engaging way at the point-of-sale. Choosing a Cocoa Life brand is choosing a cocoa made right; one which uses sustainable solutions for cocoa production and benefits farming communities and the environment.”

Litschauer added, “We’re proud to debut the concept with our responsible partners at Gebr Heinemann and Travel Retail Norway, who share our commitment to lowering our environmental impact and supporting travellers in making more sustainable choices.”

The Cocoa Life activation follows the launch of the Mondelez WTR’s sustainable design scorecard, which was launched in collaboration with CircleSquare and shared freely with the travel retail industry. The scorecard encourages more conscious construction methods and material sourcing. It also highlights manufacturing decisions that allow for more end-of-life recycling for in-store units.

For people and planet: The Cocoa Life programme empowers sustainable farming communities with education

The scorecard is part of a wider programme of activities that Mondelez WTR is implementing, including corporate-wide and industry-specific commitments, with a special focus on the development of more sustainable promotional and in-store engagement and packaging.

Commenting on the pioneering activation, Travel Retail Norway Category Manager Frank Hansen said: “Sustainability is an increasingly important corporate responsibility and a major topic in the Nordics. The travel retail industry has a duty to both our consumers and the planet to offer products with ingredients that are sustainably sourced as well as to reduce our environmental footprint wherever possible.

“Mondelez WTR’s Cocoa Life activation is not only educational, engaging and eye-catching, but sustainably designed, and Travel Retail Norway is excited to see our great partnership thrive and hopefully inspire more sustainable practices in the channel.”

Sustainability will drive the growth of travel retail and Mondelez WTR wants to lead the way 

Gebr Heinemann Marketing Director Jens Peter Peuckert added, “We believe that sustainable products and services will continue to be the drivers of economic growth in travel retail, and it is essential for us as an industry to proactively evolve our offering and create customer excitement.

“The Cocoa Life activation in Oslo engages travellers at the intersection between sustainable design and products with sustainably-sourced ingredients. It is a perfect example of how people, planet and profit go hand in hand. We are very proud to collaborate with our long-standing partners at Mondelez WTR on this kind of innovation and creativity for the greater good of the people and the planet.”

Toblerone, Freia and Daim are the three strategic brands highlighted in the campaign

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