Austrian skinwear specialist Wolford has reinforced its backing of sustainability in the fashion industry. The brand has claimed a world’s first in the apparel and textile sector as the holder of two Cradle to Cradle Gold certificates, which recognise its efforts to minimise waste caused by the fashion industry.

The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute encourages manufacturers “to become a positive force for society and the environment”.

Wolford “superpower” biodegradable Aurora leggings are available in selected travel retail locations.

Last year Wolford launched “superpower” biodegradable Aurora leggings and pullover. Earlier this year it extended the line, which is available in travel retail through Wolford stores at airports in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Vienna and Copenhagen, with a top and shirt.

Wolford said discarded garments are composted into biogas for its production facility and humus soil.

On a technical level, the brand has started to use nylon. The Econyl yarn is regenerated from fishnets and other nylon wastes and, according to the brand, can be used in a wide range of garments. New legwear styles featuring this process fibre will be launched in 2020.

Looking beyond seasonal changes in the fashion industry: Wolford’s Aurora top is biodegradable.

Wolford Global Travel Retail Specialist Gabriele Smoly underlined the brand’s ability to keep a production cycle running “without creating any waste”.

“In our fast-moving world, we believe fashion can go further at a slower pace; a sustainable pace, one that will take care of our planet and empower all of us to stand up for a brighter future without sacrificing a fashionable look,” she said.

“Our resources are not endless. The Cradle to Cradle approach tackles this issue and leads us to a sustainable, circular economy. All ingredients used in the production are kept in an endless life cycle, never touching the bin.”

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