Fazer has extended its travel retail exclusive premium chocolates series with new Karl Fazer 70% dark chocolate pralines.

The Finnish food company said it introduced the line as a response to global trends and “consumers’ wishes of vegan and healthier options of indulgence”.

Karl Fazer 70% dark chocolate is rich in flavanols and vegan-friendly. Cocoa flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, which contributes to normal blood flow, Fazer explained. Four Karl Fazer pralines give the consumer the recommended daily intake of flavanols (200mg).

Karl Fazer 70% dark chocolate pralines are produced in Fazer’s confectionery factory at Fazerintie in Vantaa, Finland. Each comes individually wrapped which, coupled with an “exclusive box”, makes the product ideal for formal gifting, says the brand.

Fazer travel retail exclusive chocolates range

Tastes good, does good: Fazer’s latest travel retail exclusive is a box of 70% cocoa pralines. Vegan-friendly and rich in flavanols, the product addresses growing consumer demand for vegan and ‘healthy’ ways to indulge.

Fazer Senior Marketing Manager Kirsi Nordberg said: “Karl Fazer 70% dark chocolate is an excellent and desired addition to the range, which consists of seven other elegant and classic Fazer chocolate brands.”

The other seven varieties in Fazer’s travel retail exclusive 250-300g boxes are: Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate, Karl Fazer Selection, Karl Fazer Blueberry Truffle, Geisha, Geisha Dark, Fazermint and Liqueur Fills.

Nordberg added: “Travellers seek high-quality gifts and special products that can only be purchased while travelling. For many, the choice is something that can also be shared – like chocolate.”

Fazer also highlighted its sustainability credentials with the new release.

Fazer Group Director of Corporate Responsibility Nina Elomaa said: “To secure the pleasure of chocolate lovers around the world, Fazer is dedicated to making cocoa production sustainable. Since January 2017, all the cocoa we use comes from sustainable production.”

That sustainable production includes direct farmer programmes in Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Fazer buys cocoa certified by UTZ, the Rainforest Alliance and the Fairtrade Cocoa Program, Elomaa added.

Fazer was founded by Karl Fazer in 1891 in central Helsinki and is one of Finland’s largest food companies.