South African cream liqueur brand Amarula is raising awareness of ivory poaching and the disappearance of African elephants by releasing an ‘ellie-less’ bottle for World Elephant Day on 12 August.

According to Amarula, an elephant disappears every 15 minutes. An estimated 400,000 elephants are left in the wild and 97 are killed each day. Amarula said it decided to remove the elephant from the its label to illustrate the impact of ivory poaching to consumers. A number of ‘ellie-less’ bottles will be available in travel retail.

The bottle forms part of the #DontLetThemDisappear campaign, an initiative which seeks to raise global awareness about ivory poaching and the work being done by Amarula Trust and WildlifeDirect in the fight against ivory poaching.

Amarula Global General Manager Dino D’Araujo commented: “Amarula shares a close relationship with the African elephant – it’s not just our icon, we have always had a special bond with these magnificent creatures as the marula tree and its fruit contribute enormously to the well-being of the elephant and the very existence of Amarula.

Dr Paula Kahumbu is a renowned global expert in the field of elephant conservation

The African elephant could disappear by 2030

“Removing the elephant from our logo signifies our commitment to the fight against ivory poaching and saving the African elephant from extinction. If we don’t raise awareness to stop the ivory trade, elephants will disappear – just like the one on our label.”

WildlifeDirect CEO Dr Paula Kahumbu, who is spearheading the campaign, said: “On World Elephant Day we want to capture the world’s attention. There is a real message of hope – by making educated decisions around ivory products, the average person will make a real contribution towards saving the African elephant from extinction.”