SPAIN/US. Inflight concessionaire Duty Free World has secured its first European contract with the retail concession onboard Spanish flag carrier Iberia. The airline formerly ran its inflight business in-house.

Duty Free World’s five-year contract begins on 1 July.

Duty Free World Chief Operating Officer Leylani Cardoso told The Moodie Report: “Iberia undertook a thorough analysis of the potential concessionaires and we are very excited to have been chosen for this contract. It’s huge for us as it’s our first with a major European carrier, but we are well equipped through our structures to manage the business.”

She added: “We’re fortunate that through our other contracts we reach a wide range of passenger types and nationalities. Iberia’s customer base is one we’re familiar with and we feel confident we can serve their needs.”

Among the initiatives the concessionaire plans is a stand-alone inflight sales magazine for the airline. Currently, the retail offer falls within the main inflight brochure.

Iberia is in the front rank of European airlines, serving 33 million passengers in 2006. Its chosen partner, Duty Free World, is one of the most industry’s most experienced concessionaires. It serves United Airlines, USAirways, Skyservice, Tame, Maxjet, America West, Santa Barbara, Aeropostal, Icaro, Aerogal and Futura.

“This new business is very exciting for us” noted Duty Free World President and CEO Mayra del Valle. “The airline covers a diverse mix of passengers and has enormous potential.”

This announcement coincides with the opening of several new US destinations, including Boston and Washington, that are scheduled to begin this summer.


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