DENMARK. Copenhagen Airports has invited selected partners to bid for retail and food & beverage space in the expanded airside zone at Terminal 2. As reported, the airport is set to add 28 new commercial outlets as part of a DKK390 million (US$55 million) project to double the size of the T2 transit area. It is among a series of plans to grow capacity to 40 million passengers a year.

An additional 2,200sq m of commercial space is being added by expanding the area between Pier A and Pier B. The 28 new units will open by late Summer 2018, including 18 retail and ten food & beverage outlets.

A Copenhagen Airports spokesperson told The Moodie Davitt Report: “The tender material [for the new T2 concessions] was distributed to selected brands in mid-January. The deadline for offers is 20 March. We expect to close all contracts in 2017.”


Face of the future: Renderings of the new airside zone in T2 (above and below)

T2A Billede1

The relevant area in T2 is called The West Gallery, described by the airport as “a varied marketplace with a cozy and dynamic feel, drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design”.

Today it features brands such as Lego, Lakrids, MASH, Royal Copenhagen, Molo, Starbucks and Victoria’s Secret. The zone is home to short-haul flights to Scandinavian and European destinations with “a diverse, international audience travelling for both business and leisure”. Crucially, travellers to most European destinations spend on average 90 minutes in this airside area, said the airport company.

The new zone will added by moving the facade and building new units, which will open in phases next year. Existing stores will remain open through the building period.


How the retail and dining concessions will be split by sub-category

Copenhagen Airports said: “The new airside shopping area will be a place where Scandinavian design creates a unique interplay of elegance and innovation. A place where ideas come to life and where there is always something new to encourage visitors to browse, and enjoy a truly extraordinary shopping experience.”

The videos above outline the airport’s vision and plans for development

Outlining the brand mix, the airport also commented on the role of F&B and retail, and on some key trends in each.

“F&B has become an integrated part of the travel experience with 46% of passengers buying during their stay in the airport. F&B is a key anchor for driving footfall. The key focus is on more healthy living, new exciting tastes/kitchens, accessible pricing and efficient concepts that cater to relatively short dwell times and the need for short breaks/to go offerings.

“The retail offering is increasingly appreciated by passengers and turnover in retail has seen sound growth in recent years. The right mix will offer increased choice with emphasis on more fashion, sports and accessories that appeal to more wallets and millennial travellers as well as ensuring a strong gifting proposition through the best of Danish fashion, accessories, delicacies and living.”

Copenhagen Airports said that the expanded zone will carry “a Nordic look and feel” and a “Copenhagen marketplace” atmosphere. It added: “We encourage concessionaires to design units that maximise product expression and go above standard solutions. Imaginative and individually branded design, from the overall concept to the detail, will turn the unit into a specific destination and give the customer a unique shopping and dining experience.”

Copenhagen Airports says that the retail mix of the future will offer increased choice “with emphasis on fashion, sports and accessories”

Outlining the commercial vision governing this zone and the wider airport space, the company said: “In just a few years, the retail landscape has changed dramatically. It’s now truly multi-channel, and the physical store is just one of many different sales outlets available to consumers. Consumers can shop anywhere and anytime they want and can compare products and prices online.

“At CPH, we are determined to meet these trends and behavioural changes, and turn them into opportunities: more footfall and a greater share-of-wallet. We wish to create a stronger emotional bond with our travellers – moving beyond mere buying and selling transactions to social interaction and personalised experiences. This is what will inspire them to spend that ’magical hour and a half’ prior to departure in our physical stores.”

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