AUSTRALIA. Independent travel retailer awpl has exclusively launched a new high-strength, limited-edition BeePower Australian Manuka Honey. The product is only available at awpl stores in Sydney and Melbourne – it is neither listed online nor with any High Street retailers.

BeePower is one of Australia’s leading honey producers and has sourced the product from Australia’s coastline forests and bushland. Bees harvest the unique honey, which has an unusually high NPA rating* of 26+ (MGO 1282+), from the highly sought-after Leptospermum Manuka flower.

BeePower International Director Nicholas Maiolo said, “Our team has worked really hard on this project over the past few months and to see it on shelves is a fantastic achievement. We are really excited to have the opportunity with the support of awpl to showcase this limited-edition Manuka Honey to international travellers coming through Australian airports. We have worked very closely with our specialised beekeepers to produce this premium product.”

Working bee: Manuka Honey’s well-documented wellbeing properties have proven a smash hit with Chinese travellers

Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder: Manuka Honey’s health benefits have become increasingly well-known worldwide

Bee-witching: The limited-edition line is unavailable outside awpl stores

“When the BeePower team came to us with this ultra-premium, high-strength Australian Manuka Honey, we knew it would be a strong performer,” commented awpl Merchandise Manager Sarah Robertson. “In recent years, customers have developed a much greater understanding of Manuka Honey, and as that understanding has grown, so has the demand for higher-strength ratings. The initial response to the BeePower’s Limited Edition Australian Manuka Honey 26+ has only confirmed this for us.”

Chinese customers made a beeline to awpl’s Australian Way stores to procure the high-strength Manuka Honey during the October holiday festival

The high-grade product launched in awpl stores within Sydney Airport and Melbourne Airport, including Australian Way, Think Sydney, and Think Australia. The range hit the shelves in time for Golden Week – a key period for Chinese travellers, who are particularly avid consumers of BeePower’s Australian Manuka Honey range.

What’s the buzz, tell me what’s a happening: The golden honey proved the perfect item for Golden Week

Bee-guiling: awpl and BeePower have combined to create a hive of in-store activity

Each jar contains the rarest and highest-strength Manuka Honey offered in Australia. The Limited Edition Australian Manuka Honey 26+ complements the existing BeePower range of Manuka honey products. These feature NPA ratings from 5+ to 20+, providing the benefits of Manuka honey at a range of strengths and price points.

New South Wales company BeePower specialises in production of 100% natural Australian honey products, including Certified Organic honey, Eucalyptus honey, Jarrah honey, Manuka honey, Bee Pollen products, and more. See

awpl has over 55 stores in airports across Australia and New Zealand. See

*Footnote: Manuka Honey has a unique property, termed a ‘non-peroxide activity’ (NPA), which is a measure of anti-bacterial action in addition to that of hydrogen peroxide. NPA is unique to Manuka Honey. Methylglyoxal, or MGO, is used to measure the anti-bacterial strength of Manuka Honey. Both NPA and MGO ratings are often included on a Manuka Honey’s label.

Well-beeing: Destination merchandise specialist awpl has enjoyed much success with health and wellness products at its Australasian airport locations

Sales of the limited-edition BeePower Australian Manuka Honey provided a sting in the tale of awpl’s Golden Week success