NETHERLANDS. Daimler-owned car sharing app car2go has expanded its service to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Some 16 parking spaces with eight charging stations for its two-seater cars are now available in the public parking garage of the World Trade Center at the airport.

The new car2go hub, which is within walking distance of the airport’s main terminal, allows users of the service to enter or leave the garage via a gate which opens automatically by recognising the license plates of the vehicles.

Daimler-owned car2go serves 63,000 customers at airports in 13 European cities, with Schiphol its latest client.

Commenting on the new Schiphol service, car2go CEO Olivier Reppert said: “We are very proud that, in addition to the cooperation with the municipality of Amsterdam and Amstelveen, we now have a new partner with Schiphol to serve members who live, work or travel in Amsterdam.”

The service expands the car parking options for Schiphol consumers, and builds this revenue channel for the airport.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Senior Parking & Mobility Services Manager Dieme Ketel also welcomed the partnership: “We attach great value to facilitating collective and clean transport, so car2go is more than welcome at the airport. We are delighted with this partnership, as it will enable us to provide travellers, employees and visitors with an additional transport option.”

car2go has set a rate for the use of its vehicles in Amsterdam at €0.31 per minute. The rate includes insurance, parking and charging costs. There is also additional fee at Schiphol of €8.90 per use.

During September 2018, car2go customers who use car2go for the first time at Schiphol will receive a €5 car2go credit for a subsequent trip.

Car2go is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler AG, and the company said that it currently serves 63,000 customers at airports in 13 European cities, including Amsterdam.