“Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast” ~ William Shakespeare

INTERNATIONAL. Our popular festive season readers’ competition in association with Nestlé reaches its conclusion as we offer the final of five fabulous food hampers. Today we present readers with another opportunity to win this great Christmas prize and announce the lucky winner of Hamper 4.

Nestlé is again hosting the competition to celebrate its ambitious VERSE plan to make food the number one most-purchased category in travel retail. You must be a member of the travel retail or aviation community to enter (please mention your company name in your email if your email address does not show it).

Last year’s winners will testify to how fantastic the Nestlé food hampers are. Don’t miss out on this final chance to win.

Why the reference to VERSE? Simple. The brainchild of Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) General Manager Stewart Dryburgh, it represents Nestlé’s V.E.R.S.E growth model, an acronym that showcases five pillars: Value, Engagement, Regeneration, Sense of Place and Execution.

Each one has a vital role to play in ensuring that Nestlé’s ‘food in 50% of baskets’ target in travel retail is met by 2030, if not before.

How do you win a fantastic, fabulous, festive Nestlé hamper? Again, simple. Just send your entry using the easy procedure below relating to one letter of the VERSE acronym. Feel free to be as creative as you wish and, of course, to break into verse.

Any answer today starting with E will qualify.

Day 5

  1. Name a Christmas or holiday song starting with E
  2. Name a  duty free product or brand starting with E
  3. Name a Nestlé food or drink product beginning with E
  4. Put your E words into a verse or limerick.

Send your entry to Martin@MoodieDavittReport.com headed VERSE 5 Competition by 5pm Hong Kong time 31 December to enter the draw.

And now, to the winner of Hamper 4. Every entry was correct, of course, as the questions were simple (just like our industry, this competition does not tax), and several candidates came close to claiming our prize.

The questions were:

  1. Name a duty free product or brand starting with S
  2. Name a food starting with S
  3. Given the focus on Sense of Place, name your favourite destination starting with S
  4. Put those 3 words into a verse or limerick.

The winner  of our round 3 competition Johan Schölvinck, Managing Director of Market Square Consult and the travel retail bard of The Netherlands, was in creative form once more as he neatly combined San Pellegrino, Smarties and San Gimignano (Tuscany)

A sous chef in San Gimignano
was bubbling in San Pellegrino
to find a dessert
a chocolate word
his towers of Smarties were buono

Dubai Duty FreeAssistant Buyer | Purchasing Arjun Vellangat was again in top form with this Christmas selection

  1. Name a duty free product or brand starting with S: Swarovski, Samsung, Smirnoff
  2. Name a food starting with S: Spaghetti, Salami, Smarties
  3. Given the focus on Sense of Place, name your favourite destination starting with S: Sicily, Sydney, Seoul

There’s little time so I must hurry,
I’m off to the airport with a smile so merry.
A year’s gone by without seeing my mother,
She’s waiting for me with love to smother.
A shopping spree at Duty Free,
Got some jewellery from Swarovski.
I hear a roar. Is it my belly?
A bowl of Spaghetti with slices of Salami,
As I make my way to Sicily,
All the way in Italy.

Dubai Duty Free E-Commerce and Social Media Coordinator Aparna Vinod also came close to snaring the prize with this fulsome, festive Christmas cracker.

  1. Name a duty free product or brand starting with S: Shiseido, SK-II, Smarties
    2. Name a food starting with S: Stouffer’s Slow-Roasted Steak, Strawberry Shortcake, Scones, Shreddies
    3. Given the focus on Sense of Place, name your favourite destination starting with S: Sao Paulo, Scotland, Seychelles

Santa’s on his way,
Riding on a sleigh.
What shall I bake?
A Strawberry Shortcake?
Or Stouffer’s Slow-Roasted Steak?
Will he get me Shiseido?
Or a trip to Sao Paulo?
Or will it be a lovely man made of snow?
I can’t wait till I know!

And we liked this from Catherine Cervasio, founder of the brilliant Australian brand Aromababy (check out our story here), which specialises in eco-friendly, natural skincare products for babies and mothers.

Travelling to Italy soon ? Take your eye mask and SK-II.
Buy a panini stuffed with salami even if the weather is warm and balmy
Choose a palazzo in Siena, doesn’t get any better

Our runner-up was Dubai Duty Free Sales Assistant Cynthia Tamayo with a Christmas concoction dripping in duty free delights.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
Post pandemic airports are now all in full gear
Tis’ festive season of gift giving
Drop by at the duty free shops before travelling
Spoil yourself to some retail therapy with special offers in full view
From local specialty coffee, dates and Swiss chocolates to name a few
Have a break this festive season
Come & experience Nestlé Kitkat Coffee limited edition
Indulge with Mackintosh’s Quality Street dates fantastic arabian delights creation
Delectable sweets to pump up your celebration
Not to miss is the classic premium milk chocolates from Switzerland to take home from your trip
Shared to your loved ones as a holiday gift
Wonderful unique memories indeed from the UAE
Best place to get tax free? Where else but at the world-renowned Dubai Duty Free!

But this time’s winner is Nur Büyükyağcı, Antalya-based Dufry Türkiye P&C Category Supervisor, with her beguiling travel retail-themed, Nestlé-laced variation on that classic song ‘Something stupid’ written by C. Carson Parks in 1966 and later recorded by Frank and Nancy Sinatra (1967) and Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman (2001). It goes like this:

I know I stand in line
Until I get a bottle of Smirnoff lime
To spend an evening with you
And if we go to Seychelles to dance
I know that there’s a chance
I will be eating Smarties with you
Then afterwards we pop a Quality Street
And have a Sjora Strawberry Kiwi or two
And then I go and spoil it all
By saying something stupid
Like I love you

Great effort Nur. A hampertastic Nestlé gift is winging its way to Türkiye.

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