SINGAPORE. Changi Airport has refreshed its popular Terminal 3 Basement 2 area, adding shops and restaurants as well as a community event space and indoor garden.

Among the new food & beverage options is aviation-themed food hall concept Terminal M by MOF, which features Korean, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. Also open are Japanese two-in-one concept Ramen Champion & Hokkaido Paradise; Thai cuisine and dessert concept Saap Saap Thai and Saap Saap Thai Desserts; local coffee brand Mr Teh Tarik Express; and a multi-concept F&B outlet comprising Stuff’d, Crave and new brand Coffee Boy.

That’s entertainment: The event space ST3PS will feature movie screenings, live performances and activities for children during the school holidays.

Other concepts will open in the coming months. Famous for its crispy cookie-crust and sweet egg custard, Tai Cheong Bakery will open its second café in Singapore at T3. It serves Hong Kong café classics with a modern twist.

Le Shrimp Ramen and Canton Paradise Noodle & Congee offer a fusion of Cantonese, Chinese and Japanese flavours. The dual-concept restaurant will make its debut in Singapore at Changi Airport, with a menu offering traditional Hong Kong noodle and congee dishes.

Traditional biscuits and snacks retailer Wain’s will also be launching in Singapore for the first time at Changi. Products include Salted Egg Crisp with Seaweed and Salted Fish Crisp with Seaweed.

“We want to continue to make the airport a go-to destination for the whole family,” said Changi Airport Group Vice President for Landside Concessions James Fong.

Japanese discount chain Don Don Donki will soon open its first airport outlet outside Japan in T3. The 30sq m store in the departures hall will offer its signature baked sweet potatoes as well as bottled drinks and confectionery. The concept will feature a mobile food corner offering Japanese-style coffee and shakes.

Terminal 3 Basement 2’s new community event space, ST3PS, is equipped with an ultra high-definition screen measuring 6 metres wide and 3.5 metres high. The space is shaped like a stepped amphitheatre and can accommodate over 200 people, Changi Airport Group said.

There will be free daily movie screenings while an array of activities will be offered during the school holidays. Live sports matches and performances will also be screened every weekend. Changi Airport said it would use the space to showcase aspiring artistes and performing arts groups.

[A behind-the-scenes video of the making of ST3PS can be viewed above].

ST3PS features a full-height green wall that is adorned with sparkling lights that shine as visitors walk up the steps. Adjacent to the atrium space is an art-themed indoor garden. Large-scale sculptural installations will be unveiled there over time. The entire atrium and garden covers a floor area of 440sq m, close to the size of a basketball court, and features over 15 varieties of plants.

The indoor playground in T3 is also being refurbished and will be themed to Cartoon Network characters such as Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls.

Terminal 3 Basement 2 currently attracts some 17 million people annually.

The art-themed indoor garden will host large-scale sculptural installations.

“We are thrilled to unveil ST3PS, a communal space where we can bring family activities like free movie screenings and live performances to our airport visitors,” said Changi Airport Group Vice President for Landside Concessions James Fong. “With the redesign, we have opened up this entire area to bring in natural daylight, add greenery with a new themed garden and brighten up Terminal 3 Basement 2.

“[It] reflects our continuous efforts to create exciting shopping and dining experiences at the public areas of the airport. We know that many fond memories are forged at Changi – families gathering for a meal before sending off loved ones on a flight, spotting planes and enjoying the play facilities – and we want to continue to make the airport a go-to destination for the whole family.”