The Wernli brand’s premium packaging is designed to radiate an elegant and sophisticated feel

SWITZERLAND. Independent family firm Wernli is targeting travel retailers with its well-established, market-leading Swiss biscuit brand.

Wernli is the market leader in Switzerland with a 13% share of the biscuit market. The brand is ranked top in four cookie sub-segments: wafer, specialities, sandwich and assortments. Brand recognition in its domestic market is extremely high: some 90% of Swiss consumers know the Wernli brand.

With newly appointed Export Manager Aed Adwan (formerly with Swiss Delice) at the helm, the company is now developing its export business, including duty free. “We are in contact with some duty free retailers and our target is to introduce some items with some duty free retailers around summer this year,” he told The Moodie Report.

Using the highest quality ingredients, original Swiss recipes and being 100% Swiss-made, Wernli is positioned as a unique brand covering several product groups:

· Pocket 43g to 50g (available for duty free)

· Standard items of 100g to 125g

· Petit Flirt 86g (available for duty free)

· Assorted 150g/270g/440g/540g (available for duty free)

All products are positioned within the premium segment. The premium packaging is consistent across all lines, designed to radiate a premium, elegant and sophisticated feel, said Adwan. The quality mark testifies to its Swiss origin.

Advertising and promotions present the brand in images that convey “˜Swissness’ – indulgence and quality in an elegant, innovative and highly emotional manner.

“The focus of the communication strategy is placed where the decision to buy is made; at the POS,” said Adwan. “Tasting, promotions, Swiss weeks, samplings, competition and other innovative campaigns draw high levels of consumer attention.”

The Petit Flirt range is described as a special, absolute indulgence treat: light products in popular flavours such as vanilla, chocolate and hazelnuts. The One-Bite lines comply with the current trend for miniaturisation.

The presentation of Petit Flirt consists of a novel mechanism, says Wernli:

– Easy to open
– Easy to take out (consumption directly out of the packet)
– Flavour-sealed: guaranteed flavour thanks to foil wrapping
– Appealing product presentation
– Recloseable
– Dignified consumption

The Pocket product is positioned in the snacking category and responds to a simpler, functional need: either immediate consumption in single units or large share packs for friends or family. Popular flavours are used, including Japonais, Granor and Capucine.

The Pocket packaging is described as complying with the current trends in consumption:

– Easy to serve (for the consumer’s clear conscience/checkable consumption
– Easy to consume: easy access to products, eg in the car
– Easy to dispose of: causing little waste
– 50g Pocket non-assorted, laid in cardboard, multi-layer

For details on Wernli products, contact Export Manager Aed Adwan, Baslerstrasse 139, 4632 Trimbach, Switzerland, tel: +41 (0) 62 289 07 22; fax: +41 (0) 62 289 07 38; email: Visit