US/EUROPE. In a major industry breakthrough, travellers departing from US airports will be able to carry their liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) purchases when transferring within the EU from later this month. US airports have been told that the new rules will come into force from 18 February.

The new guidelines were published by the Transportation Security Administration in December, and airports and retailers have been preparing to implement the new rules since then. Transferring passengers will be required to carry their goods in sealed tamper-evident bags.

International Association of Airport Duty Free Stores Executive Director Michael Payne said the move was good news for the industry, and was likely to provide a welcome boost to retailers’ duty free sales.

“It’s a positive step. Retailers have been notified, and they will be ready. There is some preparation in terms of training for staff, so they know how the rules are changing, and how to communicate that with passengers. Overall it’s good news.”

The European Commission has not yet commented on the move, and the European Travel Retail Council also declined to comment at this point.



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