Unilever is to launch a confectionery range exclusive to travel retail under the Carte d’Or ice cream brand.

While this is the company’s first foray into travel retail confectionery, Unilever is well known in the channel for beauty and haircare brands including Toni & Guy, Murad and Living Proof.

The travel retail offering will comprise several gifting items, including 400g bars, boxes of pralines, flake truffles and dusted truffles. There is also a selection of 100g and 200g bars. Unilever says displays and merchandising have been designed to recreate the feel of a French patisserie, to reflect the brand’s heritage.

Unilever is extending the Carte d’Or ice cream brand into the confectionery market via travel retail

“Unilever is the global market leader for ice cream,” said Unilever Global Travel Retail Business Unit Lead Rosalyn Frayna.

“Our experience puts us in the perfect position to launch this new range and naturally we want to focus on duty free and travel retail where the universal gift of chocolate has a massive appeal across all demographics.”

The new Carte d’Or range will be showcased at the TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes.