With social-distancing as the new normal, Umdasch offers retailers a long-term hygiene management alternative

Austrian shop-fitting specialist Umdasch has revealed an all-in-one Hygiene Station to help retailers and public authorities enforce hygiene management in a post-COVID-19 retail landscape.

The company, which has many travel retail clients, noted that the current social distancing guidelines of two metres between customers make efficient hygiene management difficult for many businesses.

According to the company, the Umdasch Hygiene station’s self-service function reduces manpower, making it a sustainable hygiene management alternative for many retailers.

The station is available in four models —  from the light version to the Hygiene Station Pro — offering scalable hygiene and sanitation solutions for a wide variety of budgets and businesses.

The Hygiene Station Pro includes optional integrated technology that offers digital signage and access control.

It also offers a customer flow management system which screens the flow of customers with a traffic light. This can be used a stand-alone solution or as a complement to the Umdasch Hygiene Station.

The Umdasch Hygiene Station comes in four different models which are adaptable to retailers’ needs

Umdasch has also revealed a series of other concepts that are adapted to retailer needs during the COVID-19 crisis. These include protection shields to keep staff safe and content for digital signage.

Glass shields, a familiar sight in retail environments today, are available as one of several new crisis-tailored solutions from Umdasch

Umdasch’s acrylic glass shields are available in prefabricated sizes and can be individually designed according to retailer needs.

Umdasch is also supplying content for digital signage screens or electronic shelf labels with information about containing the virus.

The company is providing retail partners with free videos in portrait and landscape format. These can also be integrated into retailer’s own CMS systems, and content can be adapted to individual needs.

The company has also developed a mobile shopping cart to supply goods to shoppers beyond the store; partners include Muscat Duty Free and Beirut Duty Free (below).