TURKEY. Turkish tourism revenue rebounded +18.9% year-on-year in 2017, according to the Turkish Statistical Institution.

Following a record-breaking US$34 billion in 2014, revenue fell significantly in the following two years after a series of terrorist attacks and a failed coup impacted the country’s tourism industry.

The rise of tourists visiting Turkey improves the outlook for retailers at Istanbul Atatürk and other airports

Total tourism revenue in 2017 was US$26.3 billion, with security campaigns and branded media advertising credited with encouraging travellers to return.

Foreign visitors spent the most amount of money on food, drink and transport, closely followed by overnight accommodation.

Some US$3 billion and US$1 billion was spent on attire and souvenirs respectively, not including the US$100 million spent on Turkish carpets and rugs.

“This news is in line with expectations for 2018 that the Turkish tourism industry can bounce back to 2014 figures and achieve its 2023 goals to be one of the top visited destinations in the world,” commented Julian Walker, Managing Director of Turkish property agency Spot Blue.

“The flight market between the UK and Turkey is set to play a major part in this comeback after many UK airlines drastically increased their seat capacity.”