UK. World Duty Free Group, The Estée Lauder Companies and London Heathrow Airport today revealed what they called a “˜Trinity partnership’ to illuminate Heathrow Terminal 3 and its retail offering in pink lights to raise breast cancer awareness.

The campaign stresses the importance of breast health and that early detection of breast cancer saves lives.

The spectacular external and internal illumination of Heathrow joins many other illumination initiatives coordinated by The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign globally to celebrate The BCA Campaign’s 20 year anniversary and to commemorate the life and legacy of Mrs Evelyn H. Lauder.

A unique Trinity partnership designed to raise awareness of breast cancer

Mrs Lauder, the Pink Ribbon co-creator and BCA Campaign and BCRF Founder, demonstrated great courage and determination to defeat breast cancer through education and medical research.

The 2012 BCA Campaign’s empowering message is:
Believe in a world without Breast Cancer.
Know we’re here until it’s true

One of the most visual elements of 2012’s BCA Campaign is the illumination of monuments, landmarks and buildings all over the world in glowing pink lights.

Heathrow in the pink: The spectacular illumination, external and internal, will raise the profile of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign immensely

Leading travel retailer World Duty Free Group has brought together Heathrow Terminal 3 and The Estée Lauder Companies to stage the illumination of the exterior of Heathrow’s Terminal 3, the bridge from the car park, the approach from the Heathrow Express station and the interior of the World Duty Free store as well as coordinating other Heathrow retailers to create a world exclusive holistic airport and airport retail approach in support of the pink theme, throughout the entire terminal.

William Lauder, Executive Chairman of The Estée Lauder Companies, travelled to the World Duty Free store in Heathrow T3 this afternoon to officially switch on the airport illumination. Joining him were World Duty Free Group CEO José Maria Palencia and London Heathrow Retail Director Muriel Zingraff-Shariff.

William Lauder admires the resplendent October hues of Heathrow
Muriel Zingraff-Shariff, WIlliam Lauder and José Maria Palencia present a united ‘Trinity’ front as the big moment arrives
Courage is the watchword of the 2013 campaign

William Lauder stated: “I am honoured to dedicate this year’s BCA Campaign to my mother, Evelyn Lauder, a courageous pioneer. We are proud to look back at the enormous progress that The Estée Lauder Companies has made over the last 20 years in educating millions of people globally about the importance of breast health and by raising significant funds for research to find a cure.

“We value the support and involvement of both World Duty Free Group and Heathrow in this year’s BCA Campaign, which will help us continue to reach countless people with our lifesaving awareness message.”

He spoke about the critical importance of raising awareness of a disease that affects one in every eight women, adding “And for every woman impacted by this disease, of course, there’s so many other people who are part of their lives who are also impacted by their treatment.

World Duty Free staff have embraced the campaign with zeal

“Over the last 20 years we have given away over 122 million pink ribbons to increase awareness but just as importantly we have energised the efforts of everybody who is touched in one way shape or form to also help raise money for research to help cure the disease or at least find a cure in our lifetimes for this insidious disease.

“In the last 20 years if a woman was diagnosed with type one or two breast cancer she had a 75% chance of surviving five years. Today she has over a 90% chance and that is all thanks to you and everybody like you around the world who have helped raise the funds to fund the research that has helped treat breast cancer.”

Palencia stated: “For the past 20 years The BCA Campaign has been devoted to defeating breast cancer through education and fund raising for medical research.

“We are immensely proud to be able to offer our support to the 2012 BCA Campaign and delighted that our close partnership with Heathrow has enabled us to stage this unique experiential activity, which will be seen by the 6 million people that use the airport and our store during October.”

He said the campaign was an opportunity “to shout to the world” that prevention saves lives. “Prevention is still lacking in many, many countries,” he told the audience.

Heathrow Retail Director Muriel Zingraff-Shariff added: “As the UK’s hub airport, London Heathrow Airport is committed to giving all its passengers unique and memorable experiences during their journey through the airport. We are proud to show our support for this very worthy cause in an interesting way and to be part of this Trinity partnership with The Estée Lauder Companies’ BCA Campaign and World Duty Free Group.”

She told guests that airports could be “not just a place of travel but a place of education and raise awareness for very important causes such as breast cancer”.

We’ll bring you further comments from the campaign partners soon, plus an interview with William Lauder.

William Lauder took time to thank the Estée Lauder and World Duty Free Group staff for their work and commitment

COMMENT: Now this is how Trinity can work, writes Martin Moodie. What a brilliant collaborative initiative, marked by total buy-in, commitment and contribution from all three parties.

To be at Heathrow today was to witness a glorious sense of engagement and energy from airport management, employees and concessionaires (even the food & beverage operators such as Rhubarb had got into the act with pink lighting; WHSmith was offering pink Lucosade and Thomas Pink – of course – displayed a pink bulldog mascot).

José Maria Palencia neatly termed Heathrow “the crossroads of the world” and expressed his gratitude and pride in being able to support such a promotion.

Muriel Zingraff-Shariff told me of her delight that the company had seized social responsibility in this manner, underpinning the key role an airport can and should play in a community.

We hear so much scepticism about the Trinity concept. Maybe it takes a move outside the commercial dimension and into the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility to really bring it to life. Whatever the case, this tri-partite campaign deserves rich praise for taking The Estée Lauder Companies’ magnificent work on Breast Cancer Awareness to a new level.

In the dark night of Autumn, Heathrow will be a particularly radiant place tonight (goodness only knows what airline pilots will make of it as they come in to land). For now at least, the concept of Trinity is truly in the pink. And another blow has been struck against this insidious killer.

A key part of the campaign involves engagement with travellers