The BlueWatchDog works on the Bluetooth connection of a mobile phone, protecting valuables such as laptops and briefcases against loss or theft

NETHERLANDS. Travel Retail Innovations will unveil a new personal alarm system at TFWA World Exhibition in Cannes next month (Stand number: Yellow Village D37).

Thousands of laptops are lost or stolen every week in airports around the world according to recent research in Europe, the Middle East and the US, the company claimed.

To address this problem, Swiss manufacturer Secu4 has designed the BlueWatchDog to protect valuables such as laptops, briefcases and handbags against loss or theft.

The credit card size device works on the Bluetooth connection of a mobile phone, which has been programmed with a special software package. It is then slipped into the bag and kept close to the owner.

If the bag is removed from the immediate vicinity of its owner, the mobile phone rings or vibrates and displays a warning message to alert him/her.

Then, a few seconds later if the owner has not reacted, the BlueWatchDog card in the missing bag emits a piercing alarm of about 100 decibels. This will hopefully cause the thief to flee and the owner to return to collect his bag, Travel Retail Innovations said.

The Secu4 BlueWatchDog is compatible with most mobile phones including iPhones and Blackberrys. It will retail at around €79.

Travel Retail Innovations CEO Theo Lammers said: “BlueWatchDog is a perfect solution to bag theft and also a useful aid for absent-minded people who are in the habit of leaving their possessions behind. It is an ideal product for travel retail as it is small, neatly packaged and well-suited to the business traveller.”

For more information, contact Theo Lammers, tel: +31 36 7115260, or e-mail: Visit


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