UK. Airclaims’ International Transport & Tourism Consultancy (ITTC) and InterVISTAS Consulting this week unveiled TrackPAX USA, described as “a new and unique data product for travel and tourism industry professionals”.

TrackPAX USA provides comprehensive visitor volume and travel itinerary data for air visitors travelling from the US to both Europe and Canada, based on airline tickets sold through the 23,000 Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) – accredited travel agencies located in the United States.

“Understanding the changing US outbound market profile and estimating new market potential is vital to the travel industry” said Peter Morris, Airclaims Chief Economist and Head of ITTC. “TrackPAX USA provides the tactical means to analyse one of the largest and most important outbound air passenger markets, and presents a valuable information source for the production of highly targeted marketing and communication campaigns.”

“ARC is pleased to be working with Airclaims. TrackPAX USA captures Airclaims’ expert analytical skills and strong record for providing customer satisfaction,” said John Kyle, ARC’s Vice President of Marketing and General Manager of Data and Analytical Products.

“Many companies in the global travel industry will benefit from the combined strength of Airclaims’ analysis and the ARC COMPASS® database – one of the world’s largest repositories of airline ticketing information – which, while not revealing personal passenger information, provides valuable insight through aggregated passenger volumes.”

Industry data featured within TrackPAX USA includes both original and final destinations of US travellers, connecting airport(s) and fare types used. One of the major advantages of this new collaboration is that ARC industry data can be calibrated with airport statistics and many additional data sources to provide clients with unique, tailor-made reports, depending on specific requirements.

“Customised analysis and selected data extracts of this kind provide the industry with a very flexible product offering,” stated Peter Morris.

For further information or to request a sample report please contact: Francois Dormoy, Chief, Airport Consulting, Airclaims International Transport & Tourism Consultancy: Tel: +1-450-672 9152