BELGIUM. Scotch single malt brand Tomatin has delivered a healthy sales performance with International Duty Free (IDF) Belgium since the travel retail range was listed recently at the latter’s Brussels Airport stores.

tomatin-travel-retail-range-july-2016Tomatin will roll out the range in other European locations, before focusing on the USA and Asia.

IDF-Belgium Purchasing Manager Hans Darmont said: “We are delighted with the sales since the launch of the range in Brussels Airport. In only a short space of time, Tomatin have established themselves as a quality malt within the travel retail sector. We expect to see a continued increase in sales and brand awareness over the coming year as more and more globe-trotters are exposed to this unique and premium brand.”

Tomatin Sales Director Stephen Bremner said: “It’s really encouraging to see such a positive response to the travel retail range. In this competitive market, we need to stand out from the crowd and our new packaging has enabled us to do this.”

He added the company’s focus on age statements also provided a point of difference from many single malts.

The distillery has employed Rudy Leentjes, owner of Rumesco Agencies, to distribute the product across the world.

“Tomatin Distillery has shown great dedication and insight with their travel retail range, based on quality and recognition, using domestic packaging elements while maintaining the specific requirements for the travel retail channel. I am convinced this will be the basis of success for this range when more retailers feature it during the upcoming listing windows,” Leentjes said.