INDIA. Outdoor advertising agency Times OOH has launched a set of premium media sites at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport Terminal 2, featuring upgraded assets placed at strategic locations.

High-impact: One of the new advertising assets installed by Times OOH

The new assets include ultra-high definition and new age technology-led digital display sites. They have been installed in two high-impact zones, the arrivals exit gates and immediately after security.

The Digital Alley and Digital Squares advertiser packages from Times OOH include an advertising site in each of these areas, ensuring 100% reach of passengers. The agency said that the locations have been identified based on passenger movement flow and dwell timings to provide the best exposure for advertisers.

Static advertising sites are also available through Times OOH outside Terminal 2

Times OOH has also introduced four LED-lit lightboxes at eye-level in the Level 4 departure security check area. These sites form part of the agency’s ‘Discover’ package for advertisers.

In addition, a new set of media sites has been placed in the T2 arrivals meeters and greeters area. Here, four large format LED-lit lightbox dropdowns and wall mounted sites offer advertisers the opportunity to reach all arriving passengers, as well as targeting the meeters and greeters.

Terminal 2  areas with high footfall house upgraded digital advertising sites from Times OOH

Early brand advertisers using the new media assets include Meta, Intel and Vivo.

Times OOH Airport Sales Head Sumit Chadha said: “The new installations have been undertaken considering the increasing demand for airport advertising. Mumbai Airport is notably one of the world’s busiest airports – it caters to the most desirable target audience for all premium brand categories along with high dwell time to interact and engage with target groups through high-quality new age formats.”

He added: “The recent new media installations are done scientifically, through understanding the passenger movement and areas where they tend to spend maximum time for various reasons. We ensure that each advertiser that comes onboard gets maximum value for the money.

“We are already receiving a great response from the advertisers as some most reputed brands have already made them a part of their marketing initiatives. We welcome more such brands to come and experience the power of outdoor advertising.”

Times OOH offers a range of media solutions across airports, metro and street furniture in India and Mauritius.

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