INDIA. Times OOH has executed a new multi-faceted out-of-home advertising campaign for skincare brand Medimix at the Mumbai Metro Azad Nagar station. Exclusive branding rights have been taken up by the Cholayil Group-owned company at various touch-points, including  pillars, escalators, ticket counters, lifts and other strategic media sites.

In doing so, Times OOH – which handles branding rights across the whole Mumbai Metro system – said Medimix has become the leading ayurvedic (the traditional Hindu system of medicine) personal care brand to undertake transit advertising in India.

Medimix makeover: Touch-points throughout Azad Nagar Metro station feature advertising from the Indian skincare brand

The Mumbai Metro Medimix branding is a part of a wider marketing initiative to promote complete skincare solutions to a young audience. The brand has strategically chosen Azad Nagar as a strong match for the target audience with a large number of educational hubs close by the station.

Cholayil Group Vice President Sales & Marketing Ashish Ohlyan said: “Metro station branding is an imagery driving media especially in a city like Mumbai that has helped us in getting closer to our target audience i.e. New age, progressive and modern female audience. The exclusive station branding at Azad Nagar has helped in breaking the clutter.”

Times OOH Business Head Anchal Dhawan said: “Station branding is a wholesome branding property that allows brands to cut the clutter and design impactful communication without a miss. Medimix has made a strategic presence with Azad Nagar Metro station branding in Mumbai. The station caters to the right audience along with a bouquet of branding opportunities.”

One of the key elements of the campaign is the conversion of two female-only Metro train coaches into ‘Beauty Coaches’ with various Medimix branding concepts. Conceptualised and executed by Times OOH, the Beauty Coach concept is designed to build “up and close” communication with female passengers.

These coaches have been entirely decked out with Medimix branding from the inside and on the outside to showcase the entire product range offered by the brand, with the aim of creating a strong connect and recall with the target audience.

Inside a Metro Beauty Coach, where the female-only occupants are immersed in Medimix branding and marketing messages

Times OOH Group Head Marketing Communication, Creative & Digital Roshan Rawat said: “Beauty Coach is a novel concept in India that Medimix has implemented for the first time in the Indian OOH industry.

“The idea behind converting normal women’s coaches into beauty coaches is to build a direct communication between the brand and its target group. We are glad that the brand gave us the bandwidth to go the extra mile where our creative team could package innovation like this.”

Ohlyan added: “It has created a high-frequency presence with concentrated presence at one location. The Beauty Coach concept has built an up and close communication with the female audience with direct targeting. We are glad to have partnered with Times OOH as they had planned and executed the entire branding seamlessly.”

Times OOH offers comprehensive media solutions across airports, Metro and street furniture in India and Mauritius.

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