Lacoste has released a new brand film to spearhead its ‘Life is a Beautiful Sport Since 1933’ advertising campaign.

The campaign centres on a changeover between two tennis champions, the French fashion house’s founder René Lacoste and the brand’s new style ambassador, Novak Djokovic.

René Lacoste, born in 1904,  was a world number one player, winning ten major titles. He died in St. Jean-Luz, France, in 1996. Serbian Novak Djokovic is one of the greatest players of all time. He has won 12 Grand Slam titles to date.

Djokovic heads the print campaign, shot by photographer Jacob Sutton, which combines 1930’s black and white with the present-day collection’s colours. The tennis star also features in a video released earlier this month which portrays the brand’s “defining moment”, the creation of the short-sleeved polo shirt.

Timeless, Lacoste’s latest film, is directed by Seb Edwards, who was responsible for The Big Leap, the first brand video in Lacoste’s communication history. Timeless depicts a train travelling through eight decades, starting in the 1930’s, and aims to highlight the “timeless elegance” of Lacoste’s polo shirt throughout years of changes in fashion styles.