INTERNATIONAL. Welcome to The Moodie Davitt eZine – Travel Retail’s Lookbook. It’s time to reimagine inflight shopping as an omnichannel marketplace – with the airline taking centre stage in the travel retail channel instead of being a fringe player in inexorable decline.

That was the message from KrisShop joint venture partners Singapore Airlines, 3Sixty and ground services provider SATS as they unveiled a new look for the omnichannel platform that is set to “help redefine travel retail in years to come”.

The Moodie Davitt Report was on location in Singapore for the game-changing launch, where we spoke to KrisShop’s stakeholders and to ecommerce platform developer AOE.

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In our analysis section, we look at the latest developments in an escalating row between South Korea and Japan, which is spilling over to the travel industry and impacting sales of consumer goods. We also assess a major planned regulation change in Korea which would affect the duty free sale and pick-up of local products to foreign shoppers – and could hit the reseller market hard.

Innovative app Mapsted is featured in Travel Retail’s Positive Disruptors and Innovators. It offers accurate, real-time airport wayfaring using nothing but a smartphone, with many benefits for travel retailers.

In Sense of Place, we see how DFS has promoted some of Hawaii’s most creative beauty start-ups while in Airports as Artports we stop at Quad City International Airport for an illuminating new exhibition that takes advantage of the uniqueness of the airport space.

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