INTERNATIONAL. Welcome to The Moodie Davitt eZine – Travel Retail’s Lookbook. Global and industry attention continues to focus on the coronavirus outbreak, as the number of confirmed cases rises and the repercussions continue to be felt.

Questions abound: How long will the crisis last? When will the outbreak peak? Will the impact be similar – or worse even – than SARS? What practical measures can be taken?

To answer these questions, The Moodie Davitt Report this week hosted a phone-in audience with public health expert Dr. David Heymann, who headed the global response to SARS in 2003. We present the key insights and takeaways of that briefing as part of series of features on the coronavirus outbreak.

We assess the response and reaction to the outbreak from across the industry, including cruise retail, daigous and fashion brands, and present the key insights from a webinar hosted by the Pacific Asia Travel Association on the effect of the coronavirus on travel markets. The situation is constantly evolving, so stay tuned to our live blog here.

The rest of issue 276 looks like this:

  • Halal travel trends: Why the growing Muslim travel market offers immense opportunities.
  • Travel retail highlights: Our regular look at the industry’s best new launches, activations and openings.
  • Sense of Place: A new store at Philadelphia Airport is celebrating the USA’s oldest African-American newspaper.
  • Airports as Artports: Carrasco International is using literature to promote Uruguayan culture.
  • Duty Calls: Plush toy specialist Aurora World is expanding in travel retail, but in an environmentally-friendly way.
  • The Front Line: Praveen Kumar Sadasivan Nair welcomes guests to his ‘second home’ at Dubai Duty Free.
  • Stock Watch: The coronavirus outbreak continues to have a major impact on markets around the world.

Please enjoy this edition of The Moodie Davitt eZine with our compliments.